GoGreen Remodeling and House Value

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Go Green; Popular Remodeling for Improved House Value

go green ohio house valueGoing green is a concept and trend every growing in popularity and gaining strength all across the nation, something I personally am very glad about, and since May is the official "Remodeling Month" I thought my first real estate blog post of the May ought to be about remodeling and updating home decor to increase house value and home worth but going about it in "green fashion". 

According to an interesting study done by McGraw Hill Construction and the National Association of Home Builders, the next five years those home owners who remodel are expected to use "green" products in over 60% of their projects. 

The NAHB recorded projects all throughout 2013, showing that kitchens and bathrooms still vie for the top spot in terms of popularity with home owners, accounting for about 70% of all projects total, but many that had these redone also had other remodeling and upgrades done around the home., 

High-performing, low-emissive energy saving windows were and still are the most common green building product used by residential remodelers, according to a new survey by NAHB, highlighting the features most popular with  homeowners to increase energy efficiency and improved house value.

The most popular green building features in the first quarter of 2014 were:

  • High performance type window systems, including Low-E and Argon gas windows
  • High-energy efficiency HVAC systems that provide healthier air
  • Programmable thermostats that save on heating and cooling costs
  • Energy Star appliances, highly rated for energy conservation
  • Other popular features include ceiling fans, moisture-control products (such as bathroom fans), water conserving fixtures, and high-performance insulation.

"The improved availability and affordability of high-performing building products means energy-efficient features are being incorporated into more home improvement projects," stated Paul Sullivan. NAHB Remodelers' chairman "Remodeling not only improves a homes' overall layout and features, but depending on the upgrades of choice, you can also save money on utilities, improve indoor air quality, and strengthen your long-term house value". 

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Juanita Limes wrote: I am so glad to see people's concern and interest in Eco-friendly houses continue to increase. If you could save money, protect your health and mother earth, why wouldn't you? I think the next generation of buyers and today's buyers a lot more concerned and responsible about it all. Thanks for sharing!

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