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Making a Statement with your Front Door

home decor, front door design, front door colorFront doors have become somewhat of a statement piece for homes – coming in an array of colors and designs. More than an entrance, they’re a small yet integral feature that allows homeowners a platform to express themselves or define their home. 

While some of those colors may simply be a personal favorite or something that flows with the trim, certain hues may say something about you. National color expert Kate Smith gave the Huffington Post some insight about what some colors reveal about homeowner’s personalities.

Red – A bold choice that says that owner is not afraid to stand out.

Purple – For big dreamers who take risks. Often the choice for someone who’s a “free spirit.”

Green – For people with traditional values who care about home and community.

White – A crisp white door implies cleanliness and organization.

Yellow – A color selected by true leaders.

Blue – For those who are likable and go with the flow.

Black – Timeless, conservative, and reserved.

There’s no reason to stay inside the box. Many homeowners go bold and funky, even on classic Tudor and craftsman homes. Instead of blue or green, go turquoise, aqua, or lime. There’s also burnt orange, coral, and varying shades of purple, from a gentle pastel to bold and regal.

Whether the color defines your personality or home, it’s a unique (and temporary) way to give it your own personal signature.

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