First Time Buyers

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This Picture is Not a Parrot, Look Closer ...

Perspectives in Real Estate and Life. 

If you look long enough, stare at it hard enough you'll see this isn't a parrot, but rather a woman intricately and painstakingly hand-painted to look like one. A work of art by body painting champion Johannes Stoetter who spent weeks planning this amazing photograph. My friend Forest Ferris, a loan officer at Horizon Home Loans shared this with me.

first time buyers, real estate perspectivesIn the same way, when we change how we look at things or if we are trained to look deeper than what's obvious we can spot more positives than obvious negatives. Sometimes to make things work, or to overcome challenges, we have to change our perspective. I had to share this as it's a colorful and awesome example of how things are not always as they appear. You just never know sometimes. Ever met someone you initially didn't like but after getting to know them (looking deeper) you discover you do like them after all?

That's also why working with a professional buyer agent is so important when shopping for a home, or a competent listing agent. Your Realtor should look closer and be trained by their experience to look deeper, see things that others miss. Clients here at Berkshire Hathaway are not "just a paycheck" and we recognize that everyone and everyone's situation is unique from individual taste to their financial picture. We have younger and older Realtors, with amazing management, and we meet for continuing educating frequently with a lot of private mentoring and coaching that ensues daily. Point being, perspectives are shared, knowledge is increased and greater success for both agent and client. It's important to look at things from different angles, discover the full range of pros and cons, and sometimes employ creative problem solving and critical thinking skills to achieve the best results when things aren't particularly clear or easy. This idea applies to more than just real estate, it applies to life and all kinds of situations.

Champions and Leaders

Personally, I love it when someone tells me I can't, for I find a way just say I can. If you can dream it, you really can do it.  Just be prepared to do what it takes. To become a champion you do that which others aren't willing to do, to become a leader, lead by example and cultivate champions. I believe this is why Berkshire Hathaway chose our former brokerage (Prudential) to join with them and re-brand to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty (it's not everyday a Warren Buffet company chooses you), and we're all very proud of that fact.

So, look deeper, probe things, like our professional buyer and listing agents do, get creative if called for, and change your perspective to see things more clearly or more often, more completely.

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