Fall Listing Photography Tips

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Autumn Tips and Tricks to help your Listing Photos Stand Out

Autumn's colorful foliage creates a spectacular show of stunning scenery. A photograph of a home for sale that manages to capture the sun setting across vibrantly colored trees is likely to attract a lot of attention. Many Ohioans look forward to this time of year and are often self-proclaimed fall foliage fanatics.

Fall Home Listing Photo

Those shopping for a home in this area are instantly drawn to colorful high-quality pictures. Why not use this time of year to your advantage when listing a home? With all of the colors and scenery already in place, conquering the perfect technique in taking fall shots isn't as hard as it seems.

Planning is preeminent: While shooting a picture of a home in autumn, you want the leaves to be at their most pristine state. Like most things nowadays -- there’s an app for that. Leaf Peepr and LeafSnap are two free apps that contain information on peak fall foliage. When planning photography shoots it’s best to research when the leaves will be the most vibrant. While fall is full of glorious days, it also contains dreadful ones. Try to avoid photographing on dark, rainy days since taking a picture of a home on a dreary day is going to reflect the same feeling around the house.  Try to be flexible and head out when the conditions are at their best. When it comes to the right type of setting, most professional photographers will tell you that overcast (but not dreary) days are the best for taking pictures.

The magic hours: The magic hours occur during Dusk and Dawn. These are the only two foolproof times of day to snap a picture. At these points of the day the sunlight is a warm, rich golden color and is coming in from the side (removing the need to wait for clouds to overcast and soften the sunlight). Shooting at these times will most certainly capture the vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and greens of the autumn leaves.

Fall home listingVivid foliage: If you have access to a camera of decent quality, there should be a “vibrant” setting on it. If you have this option on your camera, you will want to use it for photographing this time of year. This camera setting will increase the saturation and contrast while taking the picture. On the other hand, if you don’t have a high-quality camera, there is no need to fret. You can turn a bleak- looking photo into a breathtaking snapshot by purchasing photo editing software. Photo editing software could allow you to achieve the same outcome as a high-quality camera, for half the cost. Implementing these tactics will enhance the colors and help your pictures “pop” on local listings.

Keep it steady: For those who have the option of investing in a tripod, you can trust this tool can make a world of difference. No matter how steady you believe your hand to be, it won’t be as stable as a tripod. Using a tripod will allow you to achieve the sharpest photo, due to the fact that there will be absolutely no movement while the picture is being taken. If you purchase a tall tripod it will also give you the advantage of shooting from angles you wouldn’t be able to when simply holding the camera. Shooting from different elevations and angles could create the effect of making a home look bigger, more spacious, and more appealing overall.

These are just a few tips to help Realtors capitalize on nature’s breathtaking fall beauty. When it comes to taking pictures of your listings, it’s also important to be creative and take advantage of any distinguishing factors that highlight the home to help it stand out. If you choose to be flexible and patient with the weather, taking the time to implement these tips could insure you get a great picture of the property while it’s surrounded by these vibrant colors.

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