DIY Home Alarm System

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The Security Sensei Says, "A DIY Home Alarm System is Better Than No Alarm"


Many homeowners assume that home alarm systems are expensive, complex systems that require the expertise of a home security technician to install. But that simply isn't true. There are numerous inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) home alarm systems on the market that can be easily installed by the average homeowner.

As consumers, we know nothing about the service technicians we invite into our homes. We simply assume they are trustworthy. But it's not unheard of for a home security employee to moonlight as a burglar or vice versa—and this can put you and your family at risk.

New Home Security Technology

Thanks to new home security technology, you can protect your privacy and your home with a DIY home alarm system without the help of a service technician. The following are some common features of today's DIY home security systems and what makes them so easy to install.

  • Wireless Technology. Many of today's DIY home alarm systems are equipped with wireless surveillance technology, such as motion and glass-breakage sensors. Unlike the older home alarm systems, the sensors of today's DIY home security systems don't require screws or wires to install. Most utilize lithium batteries to communicate remotely with the home alarm base station, and can be easily adhered to glass using double-sided tape.
  • Easy System Expansion. Today's wireless home alarm technology also makes it easy to expand the coverage areas of your home at your convenience. This is as simple as adding more wireless motion and/or glass-breakage sensors when you can afford it. Some DIY home security systems even allow you to add remote panic buttons. The benefit of having a panic button is it gives you a way to alert 911 or the police of a burglary or other emergency and summon the help you need the moment you push the button. An alert from a panic button is also given higher priority by the police, which results in a faster response.DIY Home Alarm System
  • Base Station with Backup Battery Power. The base station of a home alarm system processes and reacts to the data it receives from each wireless sensor. While most DIY home alarm base stations require electricity as their main power source, many systems come equipped with a backup battery. The benefit of the backup battery is that it allows your residential security system to continue functioning during electrical power outages. Whether the power outage is due to a storm or the handy work of a criminal, the home base station will continue to alert you and your home's security monitoring center if a breach occurs.
  • Built-In Cellular Technology. Unlike the old home alarm systems that required a land line to dial the monitoring center, the majority of today's DIY home alarm systems are equipped with cellular technology. It's like having a cellular phone built into your residential security system, with the added benefit of the system knowing when to call for help. You can also use the cellular dialing feature to contact the home alarm monitoring center directly at any time, along with other emergency providers such as 911, the police, and the fire department.

While there is no 100% substitute for a quality, professionally installed home alarm system, many of today's DIY home alarm systems are ideal for homeowners on a budget. The wireless surveillance technology and easy installation also makes it possible to take your residential security system with you when you move—providing you with even more savings over the long term.

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Diane wrote: Jordan, great article as always. I shudder to think though of a diy security system, if you are going to go to the extent to get one, please have professionals install it and link to your local 911 system. There is no better investment than securing your home and family. By the way , you can save on your home owners insurance, only if professional installs it and you have certificate number. At least that is what happened to me with my system and insurance company. Lock up, be safe!

Posted on Friday, September 5th, 2014 at 3:17pm.

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