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Discrimination: Rose Colored Glasses & Reality


Well, I had planned to post on a real estate related topic today, but another topic commands a lot of my attention theses days; discrimination. Discrimination is a huge issue when it comes to fair housing and civil rights, but also on a purely human level. 

Personally, I'm blown away by the veiled Dark Age fear, hatred and ignorance behind "Pence & Party's" and support Boycott Indiana. Shame on you Mr. Pence, shame on you.

A slippery slope, we as a nation cannot afford this mentality. If it's legal for a business to discriminate (against whatever) does that mean in Indiana, a property management business, managing properties for an S corp. or LLC can refuse housing to gays and lesbians? One door open to discrimination leads to more doors open to it.

Mr. Pence, I'd like to know why you couldn't answer a direct "Yes or No" to the questions being directed at you. You're choking on the questions in this video because your plan is flawed, you're busted and caught between the bigoted ideals you serve and the outrage of others. I'm thankful for Federal laws, your policy on religious freedom should mirror it better.

No one is precious unless all are precious, No one is above, if anyone is beneath.

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If you think about it Mr. Pence, there are hundreds of religions, some bigger, some smaller, and it's fine to have faith and only natural to develop personal beliefs. However, don't you think it wise to balance that with perspective? I mean, c'mon, I see no proof of anyone's beliefs anywhere, just circumstance construed as whatever is useful or necessary. Does that negate the importance of beliefs? No, absolutely not. Is faith necessary or helpful for some? Sure!

Faith is Important

Faith gets people through things. People from faiths other than your own experience "miraculous saves" when it comes to soldiers surviving close calls or serious wounds at war, destitute families or people receiving a sudden boon or benefit from "out of nowhere", success in medical procedures for "hopeless" cases, one in a million chance-happenings and every last person thanking their own god.

Strange how everyone's different gods get thanked and cursed as much as the next person's. Everyone's gods seem to answer or not answer and every person of every belief taking things as answers or signs, yes's or no's and yet not one absolute, but all are entitled to their beliefs. And in the meantime, every individual wrestling or even struggling with being different, or with others that are different from themselves. You are remiss for not focusing on equal rights and poor in the wisdom department.

On a world scale, to my mind, it seems like children in grade school, bullies and victims or popular brats and outcasts. Anyone of them growing up, choosing well and doing well despite circumstances they cannot help, doing something great or contributing to the world in ways that cannot be copied, patented or equaled. You would be the bully with inevitable egg on his face. Need a napkin?

See Mr. Pence? We all have more in common than you think. Just because it's not your belief, because it's not what you'd prefer, doesn't make it wrong. How can anyone be right, if everyone is wrong? So, that being said, maybe it's time for mankind to take a look at what we know for sure and can agree upon mutually; we need equality, and we need to get along.

You've made your position so clear, Mr. Pence, by your faltering ability to answer very simple, direct questions, also voicing your considerable ignorance about not realizing how many straight people are friends of gays.

Take a step back Mr. Pence, open wide those eyes so clouded by narrow perspectives. We are inevitably becoming more of a singular species full of unique individuals across the globe with a burgeoning need to shun a world of "us vs. them".

I'm not a hateful person, I don't mind anyone's color or religion, or sexual orientation, what they eat for dinner or whether or not they're allowed to eat certain meats on certain days, smoke menthol or regular, play fashion police or dress badly. When I judge a person, it's about their character and treatment of others. If I disagree with a belief, I still respect that person has it and owns it. Understanding isn't required by me to find or offer acceptance. Our differences are what makes us stronger as a nation, and as a species.

Be free, enjoy and share your beliefs; share from a standpoint of love, compassion and what should be common human empathy. Discrimination is not the way to win anyone over and we all believe in our own causes. But as a national or global society and as a species ... we most evolve and incorporate all individuals.

However, if you insist on this idiotic pursuit of religion-powered injustice, you may want to visit the related link below.

Funny how arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand to create intolerance. Intolerance gives way to disadvantage, poverty, depression, disparity and violence. Money and energy spent combating or promoting discrimination could be put to grand use resolving problems we face as humans, not minorities or protected classes, but for every person that draws breath.

People should be more concerned about virtues like honesty, integrity, compassion and cooperation if we are to leave a kinder legacy to future generations. 

A Time of Opportunity

My advice to LGBT individuals; this is an opportune time to put your best foot forward. Use this opportunity to be heard, but build bridges; don't burn them. The media's eye is upon you as well, be responsible enough to show good taste in public. What the world needs to hear now are intelligent, astute remarks and observations.

Take the high road. My advice to everyone else? Open your eyes; here's an opportunity to become greater, to be better. A word for both sides of the fence; Violence is NOT the answer.

Responsibility begins with the individual and leaders should be held even more accountable for their actions or inaction (that's in your bible too Mr. Pence). This is just one more battle in a long list of battles over many basic human rights issues. Enough with priggish politicians more concerned with popularity over prudence. Thankfully, this time a remarkably bad and egregious plan backfired.

Are Priggish Politicians a Protected Class?

Discrimination has many faces, sometimes hidden or disguised, and as big a "root of all evil" that money is. Another word for discrimination is simply "hate". It's wrong, no matter what shape it takes, who commits it, or how it's packaged.

It's time to end discrimination. Maybe discrimination against priggish, dumb-ass politicians should be legal. Why not, they appear to be a "protected-enough-class". We certainly have a hard time getting rid of them once they're discovered. Geez, sound familiar Mr. Pence?

6 Responses to "Discrimination"

Tina Marie wrote: Nail on the head, hate is truly an old idea. I like your view on this topic and think this is the general view of many. What in the world is all the hate about? Discrimination like this isn't "religious freedom", it's simply hate finding it's way through whatever channels it can, in this case - religion. Thanks for pointing out violence isn't the answer and that regardless of our differences we simply MUST get along.

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 8:37am.

Elise wrote: Greg - There's no fixing stupid, sigh ... I do want to say I'm proud of all the Christians with enough intelligence to see that this is just absolutely wrong and just no excusing it. LOL - "are priggish politicians a protected class?" LOVE THIS!

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 8:53am.

John C. wrote: Very well said, Greg. I am a married and closeted bi-sexual. My wife has no idea about me, but I have lived "in the closet" my entire life due to the horrific implications surrounding gays and bi-sexuals and for the fear of rejection and misunderstanding. There is nothing more gross and brutal when I hear people say things like, "gays CHOOSE to be gay" or "gays are pedophiles or are into bestiality". Let me say for the record, I did not "choose" to be bi nor have I ever touched a child or an animal in an inappropriate manner. Thanks again for your brave post!

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 9:11am.

Greg Hancock wrote: Tina Marie, Elise, glad you enjoyed/appreciate the article. John - I think you're referencing Rush Limbaugh? I saw his sick rants too, unbelievable. That man just likes to stir the hate pot and anything sensational for ratings and money.

Rush Limbaugh ought to be ashamed, a bloated bag of toxic gas that one is. It's also incredibly irresponsible.

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 9:16am.

george wrote: rush limbaugh is a true idiot, both alarmist and hatemonger, and all for $$$$$!

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 10:39am.

Liz wrote: i'm encouraged by the big social media backlash against this. you can't let this stuff go, or it proliferates and grows. i think the LGBT crowd just wants equality and have the same rights and privileges as other american citizens. too bad some people are so busy hating and finding ways to discriminate that they can't find the time to realize if they quit hating, there would be no silly unfortunate issues like this, and nothing to battle over. change takes time, but from what i see i'm encouraged by people's attitudes generally shifting to better perspectives on the subject of discrimination. yes, limbaugh is just a dumb pig, just ignore him John.

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 2:06pm.

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