Dayton City Improvements

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Dayton Improvements Boosting Real Estate?

Dayton Ohio Real Estate PricesDayton sure has undergone a lot of changes the last year or two, even programs with funding for repairs to help out eyesore properties in danger of being abandoned in some of the city's worst off neighborhoods, making houses more livable and stemming off and defeating neighborhood decline.

Dayton continues marching forward improving the area, in fact, the Dayton Rotary Club donated $100,000 to add a kayaking water feature to its park which my colleague Marty Snyder posted a while back and the $300,000 that to occupied homes another colleague of mine, Greg Hancock, wrote about.

Now, and a little less exciting perhaps, the long-awaited widening of South Main Street begins today, June 20th as reported by the Dayton Daily News. While commuters will need to take detours in their travel time considerations, as delays could be substantial for drivers who haven't pre-determined alternate routes into down town. This project's cost runs a bit over $7 million and widens the street to five lanes with a left turn lane and included the addition of lighting and new sidewalks and not expected to be complete until sometime in October 2015. Keith Steeber, the city's Chief Engineer stated lanes will not begin closing until June 30th.

Dayton OH real estate prices will continue to climb

Dayton real estate has definitely shown tremendous progress in the last few years, and projects like these are a sign that the city continues to grow and maintain positive momentum. The more attractive the city becomes, more business and tourism naturally gravitate to it. Of course, an improving jobs market also helps tremendously as consumer spending and confidence increases.

If you look back at Dayton Ohio real estate for the month of April 2014, the median price was $118,000, an $11,500 gain over April 2013's median price of $106,500, or %10.8. That's a great gain, and I'm sure there's some happy investors out there like the ones I work with. I just love the Dayton area from Kettering to Centerville and Beavercreek.

If Dayton does well, so will the Greater Dayton Metro area. Right now there are about 1,800 homes for sale in Dayton itself, and thousands of homes for sale in its popular suburbs like Springboro. If Dayton continues to improve and march forward it can have positive effects on a lot of popular Southern Ohio real estate markets.

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In speaking to both first time and other buyers along with real estate investor's news on the grapevine is positive indeed, though, the days of insane deep discounts are gone, and investors are buying, holding and renting vs. flipping, I also see sellers becoming more confident.

One thing's for sure, I love this area and it brings me a lot of pleasure to see all the positive things going on. So many have suffered for so long, and it's great to see this remarkable city beginning to thrive again.

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Tamara Leach wrote: As a Dayton Region Ambassador, I am very excited about the future of Dayton and all of the new businesses moving into the area. The Dayton Business Journal web site has the run down on just how much expansion to current businesses in the area and how many workers it is bringing to the region.
Great article with valuable information for buyers moving into the greater Dayton and Beavercreek areas.

Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 9:51am.

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