Buying a Home is Like Sex

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Real Estate is a Lot Like Sex

real estate blogs, first time home buying, real estate is like sexI generate business for my business partner Marty Snyder and for agents on our team at this company and I thought I'd share some fun but true insights for buyers that come from talking to a lot of them initially, and the intriguing conversations Marty has with clients after I refer them to him.

Agents talk all the time about the "emotional roller coaster" many first time home buyers find themselves on, and like sex it can be good, mediocre or bad. At the end, as with any relationship, you hope it's an ongoing, good and fulfilling experience.


The prospect is what's so exciting, isn't it? Some say it's the thrill of the chase, but unlike most romantic interludes, the price tag of a home is a lot more than wining, dining, and what you pay at the door to get into a nightclub. Of course, if it goes well, marriage and children can be a large price tag too, and hopefully worth it, :) 

Buyers get excited, who wouldn't? It's an awesome idea, owning your own home. But ... just like sex is often better in the head, and fantasy often better than reality, you can't help but have expectations, but you're "in the mood" and feels like a powerful motivation.

"Polarization and Courting"

For whatever reason; low interest rates, little or no money down, a new job and better pay, goal met and enough money set aside, it's time to go house hunting. Like looking for a hot date, the buyer goes online and start looking for "sexy" homes; properties and target areas that have personal appeal and now wants showings.

Maybe the buyer hasn't thought this through; how are you going to approach these lovely homes? If you're not pre-approved all you get is "look but don't touch" and similar to sexual frustration. Don't do that, get pre-approved before you start courting properties, or some other well-t0-do smooth-talking, suave, prepared buyer will swoop in and snag that fine "lady" right out from under you. She wants to know if your credit is good, and you're prepared (pre-approved) before she can enter a relationship.

A home for sale is like a lady, waiting to be courted, and must be courted by someone with all their ducks in a row. She wants a true partner that's going to stick around after the honeymoon. A smart buyer learns that timing, diligence and being prompt count before, during and after the courtship.

"Opening the Package"

Ok, this is where it gets hot, right? Truth be told, most people probably look better with their clothes on. In the heat of the moment one may not care as much because they're filled with passion (or hormones) and engage. Beware, afterwards you might find yourself with regret, having to make someone breakfast but feeling like you can't wait to take a four hour shower twice in a row and similar to buyer's regret is. A mistake you can't wash off.

Now, tell me true, don't you wish you had X-ray glasses that see all? This is what disclosures and inspections are for, and more like sex in broad daylight. Never forego inspections (unless you don't care who or what you "sleep" with), because that's about the equivalent. It can look so good at face value until the clothes come off, er, the latent defects surface.

If you're romancing a home; eyes open!

"The After-Glow, or the Aftermath"

It's all said and done, the climax came and went (you were handed the keys), and you're riding high on feelings of elation and smug satisfaction; you did it.

Now you get to make this place your own, and if you had inspections done, you're not likely to discover something ugly, damaging, expensive or all three; like finding out after an over-nighter your date is your boss's daughter, underage and posting fabulous facebook posts and tweets. Yes, my peeps, it can be like that without inspections and just whose fault would that be?

I'm just sayin' ;) Realtors are like psychotherapists. If you're in love with a house, use a Realtor.

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