Berkshire Hathaway Ohio Realtors Rock

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I Love Berkshire Hathaway & Our Ohio Realtors

Hello again everybody, I'll be posting about Home Improvement 4 House Value: Mistakes Part Five later this week, but today, I just wanted to tell the world why I love being a part of this amazing brokerage. Real Estate is my third (and final) career in life, and I've worked for a few brokerages. Ohio Realtors are independent contractors and self employed but must operate under a licensed brokerage.

Ohio Realtors Berkshire HathawayOn that note, I'm glad I ended up here, and I can tell you, many of the same reasons I, as a Realtor, love working here are the same reasons why you would want to work with our Ohio Realtors whether your a first time buyer, selling a home, real estate investor or in need of commercial real estate.

High Tech Company - Human Responsiveness.

First of all, this company gets technology and the internet. It's a well known and simple fact that 90% of buyers start their search for a home online. As webmaster of this particular franchise's real estate website, I get to hear and see a lot from clients, colleagues and even competitors. You'll notice that lame E-commerce sites like Zillow and the gang have a ton of inaccurate and misinformation, and people actually trust brokerage sites like this one, or other sites of well-known respected brokerages over places like Zillow because they are far more accurate.

Sites like Zillow make their money by getting brokerage to create feeds to their sites since they aren't actual Realtors or brokerages and don't have a license, and sometimes they can't get those feeds, so they pull homes and addresses from wherever they can and then sell advertising space by zip code at premium to agents. Just because an agent bought a "premiere" agent package doesn't mean they're necessarily a good Realtor. If you're selling a home, I wouldn't worry about being on Zillow too much, there's many, many ways to advertise a property. Social Media is much more powerful, and tends to bring a better class of qualified buyers as well. 

But yes, I love this company because the leadership understands the importance of staying on top of, and in tune with technology and how people shop for homes and how they'd like that information. On E-commerce sites you'll get hit with a lot of hungry agents wanting business, but here when you register, one agent only (and a local, highly trained expert) will offer to help and be on standby should you inquire for information or request a showing. The real estate agents receiving your requests are trained to protect your interests and save you money. The nice thing is the rapid response you can expect. With our tech, your request for assistance goes to their smart phone in less than 60 seconds.

High Tech but Eco-Friendly

Speaking of technology, we also use a program called Dot-Loop, saving time for everyone involved, but not just time, it's eco-friendly for less paper and much more is accomplished online. I like that companies like ours are thinking more and more about being environmentally friendly! Our Ohio Realtors are actually quite knowledgeable about Energy Star rated homes, eco-friendly construction materials and items made from renewable resources, energy efficient items with things like windows and appliances. More and more I see operations within our company "Going Green" and loving it.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Professional Realty; The Greatest Asset

Technology, ingenuity, innovation all aside, what I love most about working here are the people. People are the greatest asset of any company, but as a professional with his finger on the real estate pulse both on and offline, and having served at other brokerages, I can tell you this is the finest collection of professional I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Every where I look I see our more experienced Ohio Realtors helping our newly licensed agents with careful guidance. I see office managers that do so much more than just conduct and carry out operational expectations but take each person's success as seriously as their own. I see how our agents conduct themselves in adverse situations and how they proactively care for their clients. I see how our leadership guides the company with the Realtors and clients' best interests always at the top of the list, and why our Realtors are so loyal.

Meet Our Ohio Realtors  you can search by name, city, county or office. 

I'm one of the worst critics and biggest skeptics in the universe when it comes to corporate leadership and thinking, and I'm not easily impressed. What counts most with me is character. When a handshake means as much as a written contract, or having faith with no worries when someone's word is given, or knowing that someone has your best interests at heart and not what they can squeeze out of your pocket book, you've landed in a terrific place. I love what I do, and I love helping people. I especially love helping helpful people and this company has people of good character in spades.

You'll find our Ohio Realtors standing up for their communities, fighting to protect the rights of home owners and buyers, donating their time and volunteering to help efforts like Habitat for Humanity, charities like Sunshine Kids, and working with organizations like the Young Professionals Network helping young adults start out on firm footing in their industries with fun and educational activities.

Berkshire Hathaway - The Place to Be

If you want a career as a Realtor, this is the place. If you need to buy a home or sell a home or work on your real estate portfolio, this is the place. I'm one of the luckiest people on earth, because I love what I do, and appreciate the ones I get to do it for.

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Steve Bayard wrote: Hey Greg, I know I speak for a lot of our Ohio Realtors when I say "Thanks for the vote of confidence". I, too, feel the same way about our colleagues and services here.

Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 at 1:10pm.

Juanita Limes wrote: Hey Greg and Steve, I join you in singing the praises of this smartly lead corporation. My landing gear was aligned with the stars when I found my way to this fantastic opportunity. Having been in the field for the last almost 28 years, I consider this to be the only place to be! Newly licensed Realtors and experienced Realtors will any of us for an introduction to this great organization!

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 10:36pm.

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