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Why Berkshire Hathaway? 

I've had my license with a few different brokerages, and as an independent contractor (Realtors are self employed but must choose a brokerage to have their license under) I find Berkshire Hathaway provides a powerful brand with a name you can trust. The original franchise here in Ohio my business partner (Marty Snyder) and I signed on with was Prudential One, winner of three J.D Power awards.

We're all quite proud that Berkshire Hathaway choose Prudential One and also Prudential Select to join the brand here in Ohio and now represent nearly the entire state of Ohio. After all, it's not everyday a Warren Buffet company seeks you out, or chooses you from among dozens of your competitors.

Providing Consumers With Quality

Indeed, at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 2014 sales convention this March, I learned a total of 26,000 thousand agents and corresponding brokerages representing 33 states had re-branded to this well known, respected and trusted name, a real estate brand only 6 months old!

Along with that, I was amazed at the additional number of Prudential franchises that attended and announced their decision to become part of this powerful economic brand, and likely to reach 50,000 Realtors by fall.  It's amazing how many Realtors and entire brokerages began making the switch when Warren Buffet announced he was proud to place the name of Berkshire Hathaway into the real estate arena.

Bottom line, they chose us, and for good reason. Formerly Prudential One and Prudential Select of Ohio, this brokerage has always provided a very high standard of continuing education, agent resources, marketing tools, and forums to keep agents on track with trends, news and changing laws so that clients receive top notch service across the board with a very high satisfaction rating.

Leave it to Mr. Warren to make ensure only choice brokerages are carefully selected to carry one of the most powerful economic and respected brands in history.

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