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Posted by Emily White on Monday, November 24th, 2014 at 12:45pm.    1057 Views

8 Tips for a Cozier Home

Cozy Homes The first snow fall has already arrived, and we have many more to endure this year. Learning how to make your home cozy could make this winter a little less painful. So to make your home look like a show room at Arhaus in the winter, follow these 8 steps and you should have everyone feeling relaxed and welcome.

  1. Display art that you love. Whether it is family pictures, a vintage painting, or a collection that you love – art can add warmth to your rooms. When you display something that means a lot to you, people can tell, making that room feel warm, loving, and cozy.
  2. Add greenery. With the sky being grey and everything covered in snow, adding a fern or a red poinsettia could make your home feel alive.
  3. Put your Holiday decorations on display. Holiday cheer is real! People love celebrating the holidays with friends and family. Seeing your house beautifully decorated will remind you of good times and give you the cozy “home” feeling.
  4. Bedding – Purchase a down comforter, flannel sheets, and a couple extra fluffy pillows so you can cuddle up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall from your warm, cozy bed.
  5. Throw down an area rug. Laying down a rug on a cold wood floor or layering it on top of carpet can add warmth to the space.
  6. Display your quilts and faux fur. Don’t keep your quilts and warm blankets in the closet -- put them out for people to easily reach. Placing them across a chair or on top of a foot rest will provide instant warmth and coziness to the space.
  7. Light a fire. There’s nothing like a warm fire to come cozy up next to after being outside in the blistering cold.
  8. Set the atmosphere with candles. Scents can completely change someone’s mood. Try a holiday-themed candled with cinnamon or fresh balsam to instantly relax you and your guest.

Winter is the perfect time of year for a cozy home. Even though it is cold outside, watching the snow falling while sitting next to a fire can be extremely relaxing. If you are looking for a home to cozy up in this winter, contact the Union Home Mortgage team today. Happy Holidays everyone! 

Emily White

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