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With 28 years of real estate experience helping buyers and sellers, I look forward to putting my industry savvy to work for you. I know the ins-and-outs and have seen just about every trick in the book when it comes to buying and selling. I love first time home and seasoned buyers, and with sellers, I understand it's the net vs. your time frame to sell. Let me help you, I thoroughly explain every step of the process, cast light on what's possible and what is not, with honesty, and my sense of integrity and professionalism is directly put to work for you when it comes to protecting your best interests, financially and otherwise.

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Realtor Tips: Duty to Disclose

real estate disclosure, agent duty to disclose, realtor tipsI see a lot of buzz on the internet lately Realtors and real estate agents covering and commenting on topics like "risk", "liability" or even "fraud".  Guess that's due to buyers starting to come out, showing interest in homes after a lower-than-average show of winter activity and the advent of spring. See more Realtor Tips, or topics for Buyers & Sellers.

Buyers & Sellers Benefit from Disclosure

When in doubt, disclose. That's the general safe thinking attached to most parts of real estate process. There are, however, some instances where disclosure can violate a client or a customer's trust and confidence. A seller's agent has a duty of confidentiality towards their seller, as does a buyer's agent for his or her

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Realtor Tips - When to Fire Your Buyer

realtor tips, when to fire your buyerIn the middle of winter up to my knees in snow after a positive ending to an aggravating situation I decided I'd share an experience for agents (but also buyers) about when to let go, or fire a buyer. 

Sometimes, no matter how well you do your job, no matter years of experience and the patience that comes with it, you end up with a buyer client that leaves you wanting to pull your hair out.

It is extremely rare that I tell a buyer to find another agent, but I did this time and in the end, the buyer came back to me; go figure.

Early last year, I received a call from a buyer, pre-approved and eager to buy and thought "wonderful", I'm ready to assist. Little did I know I'd be going through a 6 month supply

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Homes for Sale Dayton Ohio - Opportunity!

homes for sale dayton ohio, dayton ohio real estate, house valuesRemember just a few years ago, buyers and investors were snapping up cheap foreclosures for a starter home or investment and how crazy it was? It's likely to get nuts again!

Dayton Ohio Real Estate - Undervalued 17%!

Dayton area home prices are among the most undervalued in the U.S., according to Forbes, as much as 17% of what they should be ranking the Dayton area as the #3 most affordable market in the U.S. It's almost ironic this news from Forbes came out soon after I published a post on house values in four Dayton suburbs, comparing Springboro with three other Dayton communities..

Some speculate it's a augury of an approaching housing bubble, but I don't believe so and agree with Forbes. Housing

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90% of Mortgaged Homes Enjoying Equity Again

Wondering if it's a good time to buy a home? I see a lot of buzz  and optimistic speculation about Ohio real estate and national housing about loosening lending policies, an economy gaining steam, and more online activity from buyers. 

home equity, buying a home,

I wanted, however, to add more concrete to the idea about buying a home in 2015, that being the fact that wrapping up 2014 shows 90% of mortgaged homeowners are now enjoying equity. 

I was reading on's news feed and saw this; 

"About 273,000 homes returned to positive equity in the third quarter of 2014, bringing the total to 44.6 million of all properties with a mortgage, according to a newly released equity report from CoreLogic using data from the

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Springboro Ohio Real Estate - Market Comparisons

homes for sale in springboro ohio, homes for sale dayton ohio, ohio real estateAnother year come and gone, and a rapidly changing landscape for Ohio real estate, including homes for sale in Springboro Ohio. Buyers are researching, planning, double-checking facts, budgets and credit scores. I've been asked quite a few times by buyers in the area if now is a good time to buy in several communities including Springboro, Beavercreek, Bellbrook and Centerville.

Factors that often don't receive enough attention that potential first time buyers may want to consider are: Unemployment, Recent Job Growth, Future Job Growth, Median Home Age, Median Home Cost, and the percentage of homes owned, rented and vacant.

These statistics via Sperling's best places paint a clearer picture of a

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Real Estate Centerville 2015

real estate centerville, homes for sale in centerville ohio, centerville ohio real estateIt's that time of year when real estate business slows down, and I slow down and nice to have some relaxing down time too. My holiday bustle is starting to relax and wanted to take the opportunity to yak a bit about Centerville, the Centerville real estate industry and homes for sale in Centerville Ohio in case you're considering buying next year (or selling).

Though the Dayton metro area might lag behind other Ohio metro areas like Columbus or Cincinnati in terms of unemployment, certain Dayton suburbs like Centerville and Beavercreek definitely held their own in 2014.  Beavercreek's unemployment currently stands at 4.3%, definitely better than state and national averages, and Centerville's unemployment currently stands

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The world has changed dramatically in the past decade in so many ways and communication methods have played a huge part in it.

In today's world, almost everyone has a cellular phone. More and more people are using the more advanced type of cell phones called "smart phones".Smart phones are like a mini computer on steroids. You can send and receive emails, text messages and even videos to your friends and family. You can even watch your favorite TV show on a smart phone.

Ohio Real Estate

Many smart phones have better digital cameras installed than a lot of the traditional type cameras on the market today. They come in very handy when you are out and about and spot something that is photo worthy.

Since you probably never leave home without your phone, you've

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Dayton OH real estate – Positive Economics

Dayton ohio real estate austin landingSeems like good news about jobs and economy around southwest Ohio and the Dayton area continue to trickle in, and time to share some more good news that will have a positive effect on homes for sale in Dayton and surrounding suburbs.

Miami Township's plans for Austin Landing are developing faster with more details about the project forthcoming as we enter the Fall season. Already a $15 million project, the development is now to include 270 residential units.

The overall picture is a "live, work and play environment" geared to attract and retain companies in the region per Bo Gunlock, the president of RG properties of Springboro.

Per the Dayton Daily News, the two projects were discussed yesterday at a

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Greene County - What's in Your Crayon Box?

homes for sale in greene county ohioI like to brag about Greene County, Ohio. I work with some clients relocating from out of state or relocating to the Greater Dayton Area from some other great place in Ohio and on occasion I'm asked for where I would look for a home. 

It's not about searching for the best deal, but more about finding a good deal where you want to live and for some, that means discovering places that have the right appeal and lifestyle for you, or you and your family. I think as Realtors we're very focused on housing markets, sales, buying and listing activity, but I think part of that focus should be introducing newbies to places and communities. If you've never been, or, if you're just not too familiar, I'd like to

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Buying a Home - Indicators Say Now

Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, "man, I wished I done that" when you realize a good opportunity has come and gone or felt regret that you didn't act sooner rather than later. Well, the housing market is speaking that now. Would you rather have a mortgage for $900 a month, or $1,200? Even with FHA  low down payment financing, would you rather have a down payment of $5,000 or a down payment  of $6,500?

FICO New Credit Scoring Policy to Help Buyers

NAR President Steve Brown of Dayton, Ohio, says the new credit scoring calculation recently announced by Fair Isaac Corp., or FICO, will improve access to home ownership. "NAR supports efforts to broaden access to credit for qualified home-buyers,

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