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With 29+ years of real estate experience helping buyers and sellers, I look forward to putting my industry savvy to work for you. I know the ins-and-outs and have seen just about every trick in the book when it comes to buying and selling. I love working for first time home and seasoned buyers, and for sellers, I understand it's the net vs. your time frame to sell. Let me help you, I will thoroughly explain every step of the process, cast light on what's possible and what is not, with honesty, and my sense of integrity and professionalism is directly put to work for you when it comes to protecting your best interests, financially and otherwise.

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Home Buying Tips for Newlyweds

home buying, first time buyer, first time home buying

Often, one of the first major life steps that newlyweds must make as a couple is buying a first home together. An incredibly important step for anyone, this decision is often a first-time experience as well as choice with very expensive price tag!  A newly married couple would be well served to embrace caution before starting their climb on the property ladder, and to follow these 4 home-buying tips:


1. List Out Your Priorities : The consequences of buying the wrong home in the wrong location are much more far-reaching than almost any family purchase, so the first step towards buying a home as a new couple is to determine the “must have” features.  The most common and important priorities to consider are home

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Working Effectively With Contractors

home improvement, home improvement contractors, home improvement contractors ohioVery few people actually enjoy tackling home improvement or renovation projects. While hiring a contractor may be the most efficient, practical, and just simply the right way to go, it still takes some planning and preparation on your part.

First off, hire a professional. The right professional. Research choices using websites like Home Advisor or Angie’s List, and ask friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

Narrow down your choices to at least three and discuss the project with each in detail, then get bids. Make sure they’ve worked on a project similar to yours, and then get and check references and licenses. Your selection may be unavailable to start right away, but that could be a good sign. The best

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Home Ownership Boosts Net Worth

house value, home worth, homeownership net worth, house value net worthReal estate, it's tangible, an asset, a possession with intrinsic and fundamental value. Studies have shown home owners enjoy a much greater net worth over renters on average.

There are numerous benefits to owning your own home, and according the the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, on of the greatest benefits is, of course, financial.

Looking back over the last 15 years, and a time frame that also includes the housing and real estate crisis of 2008-2009, the net worth of a typical homeowner fell between 31 and 46 times greater than that of a typical renter.

The median home homeowner in this time period enjoyed nearly $200,000 in net worth while the median renter realized just over $5,000. 


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How to Accessorize Your Home for Fall

Fall is upon us – a season ushered in with brisk mornings, early evenings, and so many things to celebrate. As we prepare to revel in apple picking, pumpkin patches, scarves, sweaters, scents of cinnamon, football, and falling leaves in refulgent hues, let’s take a moment to adorn our houses accordingly.

While holiday décor has increasingly inched its way over the top in recent years, homeowners can still add a bit of seasonal festiveness sans all the Halloween hubbub.

Year-round wreaths can be a bit of overkill, but there’s no reason not to warm up the winter holidays with a tasteful wreath of leaves, sunflowers or other deep orange, yellow and red flowers.

An assortment of pumpkins is also an easy way to

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House Value - Fall Maintenance

fall maintenance, buying a home, house valueIf you put in the time and effort to keep your lawn healthy over the summer, you’ll want to ensure that the hard work doesn’t go to waste during the cooler months. Below are a few tips for fall lawn maintenance and preparing for cooler weather.

Did you know some simple things now will both make your life easier and save you money in the Spring. This is especially important if you're planning on selling a home next year during the prime buying season, or if you recently bought a home, a chance at increasing both savings and outdoor beauty.

Fertilize – Feeding in fall fuels leaf blade development, which results in more food stored in grass roots.

Aerating – Heavily trafficked lawns can suffer from soil compaction.

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Strategies for Buying a Home in a Competitive Market

first time home buying, first time home buyers, home buying processYou are in the market to buy a new home. Congratulations. More than likely you will spend a considerable amount of time and energy finding your dream home. So, once you’ve found it, you don’t want to lose it in a bidding war and then have to start over. If you're a Realtor working with buyers, feel free to share these tips with your clients. Here are a few strategies for making an offer that sellers can’t refuse.

1. Put together a great team of professionals. You will want to have a real estate agent, your mortgage lender, and a home inspector. Having your team assembled will enable you to act quickly when you find the home of your dream. Professional buyer's agents will have a small army of good

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Bought or Buying a Home? The Right Lighting for You

choosing lighting, home decor, decor light fixturesSometimes it's hard to envision what fixtures, furniture and lighting will look like, and nothing beats the in-store experience where you can get a real visual of the differences between products and sure beats online reviews and photos. So definitely head to the the store once you have some idea of where you're leaning. 

In fact, the 7th annual Socket Survey from OSRAM SYLVANIA found that most Americans determine which bulb they need based on information learned from product packaging, in-store displays or from store employees.

Why is "Seeing the Light" So Confusing?

As a bright new era of lighting technology is ushered in, the array of energy-efficient choices can be somewhat overwhelming.

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5 Inexpensive Home Improvements Under $100

home improvement, cheap home improvements, inexpensive home improvementsLooking to give your home an upgrade but lacking a big budget? Maybe your home is more or less ready to list, but want to do a little bit extra to improve the appeal or simply a little upgrading for your own self-satisfaction. It doesn't have to break the bank.

If you're a Realtor and just need some suggestions for your seller to improve the initial appeal of the home's interior, you'll find these are quick and easy in addition to being frugal.

There are tons of small home tweaks all packing serious redesign punch.

Here are five home upgrades for under $100.

Paint. Painting has long been the budget designer's best friend. A coat of paint can make a room feel fresh and new, and leaves ample room for

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The 2015 Home Buyer's Catch 22

2015 first time buyers, first time home buyersHello Peeps! Back again, this time to talk about the Buyer's Catch 22. A lot of real estate agents would agree that 2015 will see the last of the leftovers from 2006 when it all came crashing down, replaced by stability and opportunity, but that doesn't mean it's quite out of the woods yet.

We started off with storms and other unfortunate hindrances, and all 2014 predictions were made about large numbers of millennial buyers coming out of the woodwork in 2015. Obama slashed private mortgage insurance almost in half, loosening lending policies came about, credit was improving and a rosy picture was painted.

Well, hold on a second. We're seeing more buyers; after all it is spring and many hoping for a tax return to help

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Realtor Tips: Duty to Disclose

real estate disclosure, agent duty to disclose, realtor tipsI see a lot of buzz on the internet lately Realtors and real estate agents covering and commenting on topics like "risk", "liability" or even "fraud".  Guess that's due to buyers starting to come out, showing interest in homes after a lower-than-average show of winter activity and the advent of spring. See more Realtor Tips, or topics for Buyers & Sellers.

Buyers & Sellers Benefit from Disclosure

When in doubt, disclose. That's the general safe thinking attached to most parts of real estate process. There are, however, some instances where disclosure can violate a client or a customer's trust and confidence. A seller's agent has a duty of confidentiality towards their seller, as does a buyer's agent for his or her

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