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With 28 years of real estate experience helping buyers and sellers, I look forward to putting my industry savvy to work for you. I know the ins-and-outs and have seen just about every trick in the book when it comes to buying and selling. I love first time home and seasoned buyers, and with sellers, I understand it's the net vs. your time frame to sell. Let me help you, I thoroughly explain every step of the process, cast light on what's possible and what is not, with honesty, and my sense of integrity and professionalism is directly put to work for you when it comes to protecting your best interests, financially and otherwise.

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Dayton  and Ohio Economy - Mixed Signals

ohio economy dayton OH real estateAs Realtors, we're always interested in and watching the economy, scanning for news about jobs and economy because of its direct impact on the real estate industry. Overall, I'd say things are headed in a positive direction, and house value prices continue to tick upward. Take a look at a bigger picture, and you'll see some positive trends and activity, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet.

There are a number of things I've noticed lately in the news and on the grapevine that will probably benefit the Greater Dayton Metro area. The Air Force Research Lab awarded a $45 million dollar contract for high end research on jet engine combustion through August 2022 according the Defense Department, and to

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Buying a Home - Learning about Liens

buying a home tax liensPart of a Realtors' job description is protecting their clients. In fact, you could say it's the biggest and most important part of our job. I'd like to talk about liens and how they come into play with buying a home. 

There all kinds of liens you can run into if you're in the market to buy a home. A seller may still list their home, even if they have a lien on it, and payoff of the lien becomes negotiable. Liens can be filed for unpaid services like a mechanic's lien for work or services that have not been payed for, or tax liens for unpaid back taxes.

Perhaps a buyer and seller may agree to meet half way in paying off a lien depending on the size and amount and the agreed upon sales price of the home. Buyers

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Montgomery County Ohio Real Estate; Up! 

It's a great time buy a home if you're looking around Montgomery County Ohio real estate markets, but I wanted to point out why it's time to buy now rather than later. They say everything is relative, and it's true. Some buyers look at the current homes for sale in Montgomery County and feel that prices are high.

Montgomery County Ohio Real Estate Listings.Time for a reality check. Prices can and likely will get much higher as we move towards Spring 2015.  I remember a time when home buyers thought that paying 7-10% on a mortgage was low and acceptable, and rates are still below 5%.

I hear all the time, "Wow, that's high" when they see the price tag on a property. It's all relative, prices fell down over the last several years and only in the last

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Dayton Improvements Boosting Real Estate?

Dayton Ohio Real Estate PricesDayton sure has undergone a lot of changes the last year or two, even programs with funding for repairs to help out eyesore properties in danger of being abandoned in some of the city's worst off neighborhoods, making houses more livable and stemming off and defeating neighborhood decline.

Dayton continues marching forward improving the area, in fact, the Dayton Rotary Club donated $100,000 to add a kayaking water feature to its park which my colleague Marty Snyder posted a while back and the $300,000 that to occupied homes another colleague of mine, Greg Hancock, wrote about.

Now, and a little less exciting perhaps, the long-awaited widening of South Main Street begins today, June 20th as reported by the

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Condos Rising in Popularity

I was checking out the latest on Bloomberg, and came across a tid or two about condos making a comeback and then started surfing online and found supporting evidence that condos are beginning to become popular once more. It seems that new condo towers are appearing fast from the East to West Coast. Developers have long held that these are a riskier type of residential property. 

One example is a new forty-one story tower in Seattle currently under construction and the largest condominium development in the city's history. Also, consider a 22 floor condo living building scheduled to begin later on this year and the city's high-rise condominium endeavor since 2005.

"Condos are regaining favor after a surge in rental

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Ohio Real Estate & Other Housing Markets Improve

Ohio Real Estate Housing MarketWell, I'm happy to report we're seeing a better "balancing out" around the nation with the housing market and real estate sales in general. Existing-home sales actually increased for the first time this year in April, while inventory meaningfully increased and home price growth moderated, according to NAR  (the National Association of Realtors). Monthly gains for home sales in the West and South offset a modest decline in the Midwest while the Northeast was unchanged.

For Ohio, I can tell you that some cities and territories sales improved but overall (state wide) sagged but only just a little bit compared to this time last year. Does that mean it's a bad time to buy or sell? Not at all! Again, I see

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Beware of  Home Improvement Scams

Hello everybody, I'm back again and just wanted to give all you good people a "heads' up" because I see a lot posts here on the topic of home improvement lately and as a Realtor with her finger on the pulse of what's shakin' out there I wanted to hopefully raise some awareness about a trending home improvement scam here in the Buckeye, across the nation and possibly in your own neighborhood.

References are always a good thing, whether you're renting to someone, conducting job interviews, investigating a travel service or buying a car, and it's certainly no different when it comes to home improvement. In nearly thirty years of growing my real estate business, I've seen a lot out there, and unfortunately hearing a bit

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West Carrollton Real Estate; Down Payment Assistance 2014

west carrollton dayton ohio real estateWest Carrollton, a suburb of Dayton Ohio offers some exciting news by expanding its program and opportunities for home buyers to receive grants towards the purchase of a primary residence. Budgeting an additional $10,000 more for its home buyers incentive program, this further increase the incentive for would be home buyers, given successful applicants up to $1,250 in the form of down payment assistance.

Now, when you're talking an FHA loan with 3.5% down, adding these monies in creates a more "possible" for would be home buyers that feel a home purchase is just out of reach. These funds can also be used instead for closing costs or be put towards any renovations the house may need. That

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Green Houses; the Attraction is Savings & Health

Going green is getting ever sexier and more appealing to buyers out there, and more sellers are keen on go-green and earth friendly updates. "Going Green" is not only cost effective, it's healthy!

Ohio Homes Green HousesThe idea of saving cash on a regular basis is a factor in the driving forces behind green home sales because another driving force is the current and past economy. Consumers have become increasingly conscious of and concerned with rising utility costs (think 3% each year) and would rather buy a house that costs less to operate every year they live in it.

Most bankruptcy's are filed over a mere $300.00 a month cash flow issue and usually some major event that could have been safely dealt with had this

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Selling A Home; Minor Improvements vs. Remodeling

My 25+ years of experience has clearly shown me that sellers that would like to get some boost to value while also increasing general appeal are typically better off with some minor cosmetic improvements vs. major remodeling projects.

Selling a home dayton ohio real estateClients and their Realtors along with other professionals like interior decorators who've been involved with a home sale yielding good or desired net will testify that lower cost fixes like fresh paint, light landscaping and similar affordable projects that won't break the bank will add plenty of perceived value and appeal to a home.

Affordable real estate improvements:

Major remodeling and large projects' increase in value or perceived value typically aren't

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