Are You Dressed Your Best?

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Home Staging - Creating First Impressions for Buyers

We all know that when we are networking or marketing ourselves or our businesses, we must step-up our appearance and put our best foot forward to make a good first impression. We don't make it a habit of dressing in our pajama's to make a presentation at a board meeting. We also don't wear our 3-piece suite to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie with the family.

We can (and should) apply those same principles when putting our home on the market. Once we decide to sell our house, we must think about it as a product and not our home. Often we find that is very difficult for homeowners to accomplish. And that is usually where we come in! However, don't beat yourself up about hiring this task out. I myself admit that I could not stage my own home. It is personal and personal isn't always a selling feature.

So, how do we dress our best when it comes to selling our home? Here are a few of our "Dressing Tips."

Dressing Tip #1:

Just like our clothing, we need to stage our home in a way that accents the best features and"disguises" the not so great features. For example, if I have long legs I am going to play up that feature in the way that I dress. But if I have a not-so-flat tummy, I am going to wear something that disguises it because I don't want you to look there.

Our home is going to be the same way. If I have great crown molding and door trim, I am going to pull furniture and curtains away from those moldings to show them off. But if I have a really small room, I might consider setting it up to function like an office. This will turn what could be seen as a negative feature of the home into an added benefit.

Dressing Tip #2:

Another tip is to not wear tattered clothing. How many of you would wear broken or ripped clothing to a job interview? Then don't send your home out there for its first interview with a potential buyer equipped with broken doors, floors and appliances. I will guarantee your house won't get the job! Make sure you home is in tip-top shape before you list.

Dressing Tip #3:

When dressing ourselves for a job interview or presentation, the general rule is to be neutral, not flashy. To not have a lot of things going on (like jewelry or perfume) and also to have relaxed, natural body language.

We can apply these same tips when addressing our home. Bold, bright paint colors are not ideal and leave buyers with a mental to-do list when viewing your home. Having too much clutter, décor or furniture will distract a buyer from seeing the home.

Smells are a large component of selling a home. Food, pet and daily odors will turn away buyers from purchasing a home. And creating a relaxed, natural flow in your home will enable buyers to return - hopefully with an offer!

Now that we have given you some very relatable, reasonable dressing tips, we hope your home with be "Dressing Its Best!"

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Greg Hancock wrote: Good morning Amy, love this metaphor about dressing for success and dressing your house for success on the market. Simple and sound tips!

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