Always Something to Do Outside in Lima, Ohio

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Looking for Outdoor Adventure in Lima, Ohio?

The Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District (JAMPD) is the area's premier provider and keeper of outdoor adventures in the Greater Lima Area.  They offer twelve locations, each with a unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, including: hiking, fishing, cycling, boating, camping, geocaching, disc golf, swimming, and more!

Tim Parker Lima Ohio RealtorThere are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors around here, and most of them are underutilized.  Maybe it is because of technology, or the ever-changing weather in Ohio, but the facilities offered by JAMPD are rarely hard to use.  The 12 mile Rotary Bike Path winds completely through the city of Lima.  Along the way you cross multiple custom bridges made just for the path, cruise along the Ottawa River at water level, and get to see both the Arboretum on the eastern edge of town and the Veterans' Freedom Flag Monument on the west side.  Both of these attractions are offered and maintained by the JAMPD.

Great Family Fun for Free in Lima

A recent family excursion was to take advantage of the Park District's annual "Canoe by the Light of the Moon" experience.  We all dressed warm and drove the 4 miles to the lake's boat dock.  We were welcomed by the crowd of 10 families that were already there and listened as canoe safety was taught.  The fine staff of JAMPD made sure that each of us got a life jacket that fit properly, understood the basic mechanics of a canoe, and equipped us with paddles and canoes.  I loved being on the water and it was enhanced by the stillness of the lake under the full moon.  The entire experience was topped off nicely with a fire and s'mores offered from the staff at the end of the evening.

We have taken advantage of many of the offerings of the JAMPD.  Apple cider making is always fun.  Biking the path, swimming at the Ottawa Lake, camping at Ottawa, climbing at Deep Cut, or just bird watching along the paths at the Lippencott Bird Sanctuary, are all great escapes into the outdoors that are available for the taking in Lima, Ohio.

Ask Me About the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District

As I introduce many people to the Lima area, I always show them our downtown, our shopping areas, the great school systems, and our local industry, but I often overlook the JAMPD.  From any point in the area you are never too far from one of the twelve area parks.  Please remind me to include an introduction to one of the great attributes of our area when you see me.  I can't wait to tell you what is coming up next season.

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Diane Goodwin wrote: Tim, this is a great article and especially this time of the year. There is so much to do that really is cost free and fun for the whole family. Let's not forget looking at Christmas lights in and around our neighborhoods. Our wonderful communities put time and effort in our eye pleasing sights. It is great to live in Ohio.

Posted on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at 2:06pm.

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