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Buyer Tips - The Stalker, the Talker and the Dead Walker

real estate agents to avoid, cincinnati real estate agentsReal Estate Agents to Avoid

Thinking about buying a home? If you've any length of time under your belt in preparing to buy, you've probably found out there's a ton of information, which is cool. But qualifications being equal, let's say, who are you going to work with?

You find yourself asking "Are you a Good Realtor, or a Bad Realtor?"

Let me help you out with that; eliminate who you won't and the list of choices gets smaller.

♦ The Stalker

This one, like other types of approach, will attempt to make contact as real estate agents will do. Good real estate agents do stay in touch once contact is made, but in a reasonable fashion that's consistent, and non-intrusive. The difference with the Stalker is you get an email asking you twenty questions, without so much as an electronic howdy-do or succinct answer to your question or inquiry.

A little presumptuous early on in the game, the pressure mounts as questions keep coming that you're not prepared to answer and in a panic you hit the spam button, thank goodness you didn't provide a phone number, whew!

♦ The Talker

Once having established contact you have a good initial conversation, then this smooth-tongued talker will blow your mind with real estate market and mortgage industry yak. You soon find out that Talkers don't listen. After asking questions that go half-answered or not receiving listings matching what you so explicitly described in your price range and location requirements, grasshoppers learns the wisdom of seeking an agent who listens.

Who knows, maybe the Talker is just charming you, directing your attention to other homes in chance of a bigger commission or odds of a sale because he or she knows something about those homes. But this just isn't want you want, so you create a little white lie; aliens took your mortgage lender hostage and your pre-approval is quantum-stasis.

♦ The Dead Walker

Of the real estate agents to avoid, it's hard to say which are the most annoying, but this one would probably rank high. Like any good zombie with less than average reflexes, they don't respond to you for three or four days after you inquire about a home. Other agents have happily stepped in due the zombie agent's sluggishness, but to your horror you subsequently got a Stalker and a Talker, so the Dead Walker gets another shot to prove it's really among the living.

The problems is, as weeks turn into months, you find yourself frustrated by a lack of return calls or emails in a timely manner. The home you asked about three days ago sold yesterday, two days after you asked your zombie agent. Maybe it's not their fault, you muse; fingers must have rotted off and couldn't dial, use the keyboard or text.

♦ Who should you work with?

A good agent is going to reach out to you, perhaps two or three times in the first week and make a point of occasionally staying in touch thereafter, so don't decide they are one to avoid just because they're pro-active in seeking to assist you, just be careful of the Talker and the Stalker as you review what you receive.

Look for short, concise emails that directly offer assistance and answers to your specific questions. Smart agents know people manage information better in smaller bites, and know when to offer "thought chewies" about your particular situation. You'll find they tend to only ask a question or two at a time, and questions pertinent to whatever stage of the process you may be in.

This could be working on credit, helping you get pre-approved, getting to know your requirements for a home or if you're ready to go just helping you house hunt, researching properties and scheduling showings.

A good agent is going to share resources with you for things like buying a home with little or no money down

They are also alive and responsive, not making you wait for answers. That's one thing I love about my business partner Marty Snyder. No lines, no waiting. I generate business for our company and refer to him and other agents on our team. Once you have a responsive Realtor that's not the types to avoid, start looking up their track record and testimonials.

Marty and I help clients buy and sell dozens of homes in SW Ohio every year, and if you're in our market you'll find him a pleasure to work with. He doesn't smell like a zombie, a good listener, and ask questions that help you.

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