Adopt From Shelters Save Lives

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In Loving Memory of Ms. Doodle

adopt from pet shelters, adopt a dog, adopt a dog ohioHello again. Normally I write about various real estate topics, but what is residential real estate but a home? Without the peeps and pets, a home is just a house. Doodle was a rescued dog, and my dearest fur-baby friend, and brought a ton of joy and love to our home. It was heartbreaking, but had to put her down two days ago due to kidney failure.

Needless to say, I been crying my eyes out for nearly two weeks now and knew it was coming, I miss her so much, such a loving sweet soul. Couldn't let her suffer, so we took a last nap together. 

She was abandoned in a dumpster, trying to survive of whatever filth was available, dehydrated, starving, cut and bleeding and scared to death and rescued, but then she was mine to love and adopted her from a rescue shelter called PAWS in Monroe, OH when she was about 4 months old. I'll never forget how she hugged, the soulful eyes, happy tail and she didn't really bark, more like a "moo". She had severe anxiety, wondering about food and her next meal all the time, and didn't deal with noise very well at all. I used to hug and hold her during thunderstorms, but she cried and shook still, only a bit less. I often wonder if her anxiety started with the dumpster banging when the garbage truck came to collect. That's when the driver heard her crying.

Welcome to Ozzy!

adopt a dog, adopt from pet shelters, adopt a dog ohioTo commemorate her passing, we went the very same day Doodle passed back to the same shelter and now we have a new addition to the family and his name is Ozzy. He reminds me of a piece of gourmet candy with his coloring, like a chocolate with nut sprinkles or some other fancy sweet. He is sweet indeed, and now learning what it is to be cherished and spoiled.

A good Samaritan spotted Ozzy being pushed out of a car in a grocery store parking lot, and called it in. Ozzy had been at the shelter about two months when we adopted him and is about 5-6 months old. The part that angers me so deeply is there are several shelters, one within a mile and a half of the grocery store where he was abandoned.

He's loving, playful, energetic, a bark three times bigger than he is and is already guarding the house like it's his own palace, and a great pal for our other dog Snicker. His loving and playful nature is helping to ease the pain of Doodle's passing, and already extremely fond of him.

I'm posting this because I would like to plead with potential pet owners. Buying a pet from a pet store actually contributes to animal abuse, the kind of severe suffering in puppy mills is rarely witnessed by unknowing parents looking for a cutie for their human child. It's horrifying how animals suffer in such places, and many more die than are adopted.

Add to that, how many are taken home, only to end up on a chain or rope outside when all they want is to be with "their peeples" and feel loved. I promise if you love them, they will love you back in the most unforgettable ways and be your dearest friend. Sometimes, these pets end up being tossed and abandoned like Doodle and Ozzy were. It suggests that people that do this are sub-human and the cruelty and lack of compassion is unforgivable to me. I'd take them all in if I could, but at least we can save one or two and give them a good life.

Think Twice, Save Lives

Please adopt from pet shelters, or if you cannot keep your pet, bring it to a rescue shelter like PAWS. There's no shame in doing the right thing by an animal you find you cannot care for, but I implore you, consider what it would be like if you were abandoned, lost, cold, hungry and afraid and trying to muster up some trust and faith in people again. Doodle never did fully get over her anxiety, but she's at peace now, and Ozzy is doing well and very content.

Humans Need Training Too!

If you're going to adopt a dog and have never raised one or owned one, let me tell you that nose prints on doors and windows, a few puddles or "landmines" on the carpet or kitchen floor are going to happen. They'll make mistakes, but want to please, and some are naturally a bit brighter than others. They are very much like children, needing patience, understanding, and most of all love.

It's best to learn first-hand how to train a dog, and take your fur-baby to dog training classes and learn with your new best friend. Even the shelters like PAWS can give you simple but wonderfully effective insights to make the transition from adopted animal to family member smoother and more pleasant. You'll need to take your fur-baby for check ups, and keep them up on their shots.

Dogs are not baubles, they are not ornaments or a Christmas toy or plastic birthday gift soon to be forgotten. It's a life, and a being with very real feelings and emotions for which, if you choose to be an owner, you're responsible for. Do not have a dog if you cannot care for it as you would a child.

Here's to our Beloved Fur-Babies and Doodle, love you forever!


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Michael Jones wrote: Greg. I have been following your articles for a long time. You're obviously a very compassionate Realtor and an excellent author/writer. Now, I can see where a lot of your passion and compassion comes from when orchestrating your articles. You are an awesome man that cares more about real estate life and you're not simply some bloated bag of air that is writing stories to generate publicity and money. You have a huge heart and it is a genuine one, IT SHOWS!!! Thank you for sharing your personal story with the world. Hang in there my friend!

Posted on Saturday, November 7th, 2015 at 1:01pm.

Greg Hancock wrote: Wow, thank you Michael, your comment made my day, it really did! I write because I love too, yes ... ha, have to write about real estate alot because it's what I and my business partner do, but it's so easy for unknowing buyers or sellers to get screwed or hurt. But all the same, there's much more to life than real estate. After all, what is residential real estate if not a "home" in the works, and home is sanctuary. For peebles, their furbabies and friends. Cheers! Thanks for the shout out. Have a stellar evening!

Posted on Saturday, November 7th, 2015 at 3:55pm.

Juanita Limes wrote: From Juanita Limes: My good friends Gregory Hancock and Marty Snyder grieve the loss of their dear family member Doodle! They have given a loving home to another rescue pup whom they have named Ozzy! Welcome Ozzy to your new family! You are very special people and very special Realtor colleagues of mine. I posted on my FB site as I shared your touching blog.

Posted on Friday, November 13th, 2015 at 7:39pm.

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