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Working With Low Dollar Buyers - Golden Opportunities

What a busy week! I wanted to take time out though and share some insights, Realtor tips and business strategy to help you grow your business (and provide some insights for buyers who are shopping low dollar properties for a single family home).

Low Dollar Buyers become High Dollar Buyers

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Greg Hancock, my business partner, told me a long time ago, help people when they're just starting out and stay true to them, follow up with and stay in touch with them and you'll become their Realtor for life. This leads to increasing business with a growing pool of clients that refer and buy again and the average dollar tag of homes you work with goes up over the

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Choosing a Brokerage - A Word for New Agents

real estate companies, real estate companies in ohioOne thing I love about new real estate agents is the stars in their eyes when it comes to considering commission splits various brokerages offer. I'm here to tell you that's completely backward from how you should go about figuring out where to hang your license.

Don't Decide Solely Based on Splits

Maybe you're taking real estate courses and geared to get licensed or your with a real estate brokerage but feel you aren't getting anywhere. 90% of nothing is still nothing but 90% for a productive agent is hot. If you don't have a large "sphere of influence" you're going to need help growing your business and that means support.

Don't get me wrong

It's awesome being on a nice split, right? But when

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Treat Social Media Like a Billboard

 - Be Ignored Like a Billboard

social media for realtors, social media, social media for real estateSocial media, a "buzz" word in the real estate industry. Are you frustrated by it? Not getting traffic? Not working out like you planned?

So many real estate agents don't get it, but not just real estate agents. Lots of professionals bomb badly when it comes to social media.

Now, I've made my fair share of mistakes, and in eagerness to start sharing my stuff to be hopefully shared by others I have definitely been guilty of the Social Billboard Syndrome and the vaccination against this boring condition is called engagement. Keep in mind, I've only been doing this for my current brokerage about two years, and a huge amount of my time goes to working on our company website,

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Buying a Home in Today's Market: Move Quickly

real estate market, buying a home, competitive real estate marketToday's market is moving fast; fewer homes, more competition from other buyers. Lately, I find myself counseling buyers that are heavily persuaded towards this house or that house to move fast. "Sleeping on it' usually means a 50/50 chance another offer will come in and now the buyer finds the home is pending (under contract) and no longer available, or now the buyer finds themselves in a multiple offer situation calling for "highest and best", and that usually means the buyer is going to pay more or lose out on the home.

See two Cincinnati real estate market examples; Monroe and West Chester Ohio below.

Looking back at a few months worth of asking vs. sold prices in two different MLS databases I

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Bought or Buying a Home? The Right Lighting for You

choosing lighting, home decor, decor light fixturesSometimes it's hard to envision what fixtures, furniture and lighting will look like, and nothing beats the in-store experience where you can get a real visual of the differences between products and sure beats online reviews and photos. So definitely head to the the store once you have some idea of where you're leaning. 

In fact, the 7th annual Socket Survey from OSRAM SYLVANIA found that most Americans determine which bulb they need based on information learned from product packaging, in-store displays or from store employees.

Why is "Seeing the Light" So Confusing?

As a bright new era of lighting technology is ushered in, the array of energy-efficient choices can be somewhat overwhelming.

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What does Greg Hancock Do? Help Others Succeed

real estate leads, real estate internet leads, succeeding at real estateI get asked frequently by new and tenured agents and also a ton of real estate related professionals what it is I do. I love it when people ask questions, but I get asked this question so frequently, I decided I'd do a blog post about it so I can send originators of this query a link.

First, I've been at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Professional Realty a couple of years now and I absolutely love what I do and wear many hats that are all related to the same goals, and that's helping others succeed.


"I'm not succeeding unless I'm helping others succeed"

It makes me both sad and angry when I see a brand-new or relatively new agent failing at working real estate, going through hard times

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R.O.C.K.I.N.G Real Estate Agents - G is for Guiding

good real estate agents, real estate agents in west chesterWell now, power outages, severe thunderstorms and down internet lately in Monroe, Ohio, but finally back for the 8th and final installment of R.O.C.K.I.N.G Real Estate Agents.

Guidance. Ever wish someone had guided you through something that seemed complex, intricate, difficult or loaded with grey area, obscure or difficult aspects. We all have, and at times guiding others based on our experiences. Many young people buying a used car with no experience in auto-mechanics will take a parent, relative or friend with them to inspect a car, in hopes of not "landing a lemon". 

With real estate though, there's no lemon law, only court. Add to that, ever wish someone had told you something earlier that

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Mortgage Credit Certificates Help Buyers

mortgage credit certificatesMany would-be buyers are held back from making a home purchase for a variety of reasons, the bulk of it financial.

There are a great number of programs and loan products that can take a buyer from impossible to possible when it comes to buying a home, MCC programs are just one of them. And a great way Realtors can help would-be-buyers see their dreams come true.

In addition to having the necessary down payment, and funds for other miscellaneous expenses like inspections, one item that troubles many buyers when approaching a lender is their debt-to-income ratio, specifically the ratio of the expected housing expense in relationship to the income.

Q: What are mortgage credit certificates?

A mortgage

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R.O.C.K.I.N.G Real Estate Agents - N is for Negotiating

real estate agents in cincinnati, good real estate agentsHope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Back for part 7 to talk about another important characteristic of good real estate agents; negotiating.

What is negotiating? It's simply two sides exchanging and making concessions until a "meeting of the minds" can happen, or in other words a "deal is struck?. 

Although, if your Realtor is one of the Agents to Avoid, you don't have much hope.

One thing a buyer's agent will typically negotiate for is for the seller to cover some or all of the buyer's closing costs for example and often times is necessary to make a buyer's purchase possible. Many buyers can swing the down payment and miscellaneous expenses like inspections, but closing

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