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R.O.C.K.I.N.G Real Estate Agents - R is for Responsive

real estate agents in dayton, realtor tips, choosing a realtorHello everyone, don't you just love it when you call whoever for help with whatever and someone answers the phone? How about when you email or leave a voicemail and someone responds back within the hour?

It's awesome right? In any sales industry, responsiveness is a key indicator of a pro. Beyond being gratifying and appreciated, sometimes responsiveness can make or break a deal, especially in real estate.

I wrote a summary of good real estate agents, and following up with more on this multi-post blog to get a bit more granular.

R is for Responsive

Let me paint a few scenarios of why responsiveness is key if you're buying or selling. You might also want to peek at Agents to Avoid.

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Breaking Home Invasion News in Ohio

Ohio Home Invasion News (Source: happened just this morning in West Columbus, Ohio. According to the NBC4i report, four men broke through the back door of an occupied home. When they came upon the two residents, the thugs beat them with a baseball bat and a gun until they handed over some cash. The police are still looking for the home invasion suspects.

News reports like this are the reason I've dedicated my life to protecting homeowners through education and the design and manufacturing of preventative home security devices. The posts I write aren't intended to scare you into investing in home security. They serve to provide you with important information that can protect you and your beloved family. 

Home Invasion Prevention Advice and

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Great Real Estate Agents - R.O.C.K.I.N.G

real estate agents in cincinnati ohioI almost feel sorry for home buyers and sellers in the beginning. They start looking at homes or for a listing agent and next you know, a real estate agent is reaching out to them and possibly several. I'm glad to say on this site we refer buyers only to agents we trust specifically.

It's easy to spot agents you don't want to work with.

Simple ways to identify a good Realtor

But how is a buyer supposed to know who to work with? There are an awful lot of articles out there ( and a blog topic that's been done to death ), so, how about simply starting with what's most important.

real estate agents southwest ohioResponsive: If it takes days for an agent to respond, you probably don't want to work with them. In the course of buying a

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Home Inspections; Unlike Cars, There isn't a House-Fax

should I have the home i'm buying inspectedIt still blows my mind that some buyers will forego home inspections to save a few hundred.  A large investment, possibly the biggest one of your lifetime, the old saying "buyer beware" and the following cautionary tales will spare you considerable grief.

Some buyers pass on home inspections when the home in question is brand new or recently built. Still a no-no, and can cost you dearly.

Should I have the Home I'm Buying Inspected?

Let me share a real-life horror-story:

For example, my business partner Marty Snyder had a client that recently bought a new home, and you'd think it would be properly constructed. Well, after a year of living in the home, Marty's client noticed some buckling

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Beavercreek's Luxury Homes Holding Interest

homes for sale in beavercreek ohio, beavercreek ohio luxury homesHello everyone, if you're not a Realtor, you may not understand what "shadow inventory" is. These are foreclosed properties banks hold back from the market, and homes for sale in Beaverceek Ohio and other Dayton Ohio real estate markets can be mildly to drastically affected by it.

I was asked recently by a buyer in the luxury market range for real estate in Beavercreek, Ohio if I thought house values in Dayton rising so dramatically would effect the Beavercreek Market. Interestingly, I had not one but two conversations with REO agents (they deal with prepping and listing foreclosed properties for banks) and had been told of large numbers of shadow inventory not yet in play in the Greater Dayton Metro area,

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Dayton House Values Rising - But Shadow Inventory Lurks?

dayton ohio homes for sale, dayton house valuesWhat you don't know could affect your buying decisions.

It's interesting looking back at the Dayton Ohio real estate market the last few years. Since 2008 there have been the sweet deals on foreclosed property, buyers winning left and right with low-ball offers, banks seemed desperate to unload.

Dayton Ohio Homes for Sale were Undervalued 17%

Dayton homes for sale have been upwards of 17% undervalued in the last few years though, and now, it would seem prices are skyrocketing and only natural once home owners in the Dayton Ohio real estate market began to perceive it and grew more confident.

If you're a real estate, you end up talking with loan officers and REO agents (they handle the

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Best Ways to Save Money for a House Down Payment

Save money to for a house down payment, save money to buy a homeAs 2015 wears on, we see a lot of positive trends with unemployment rates and credit scores, but income seems to lag behind rising house values.

If that's you, I want to give you some encouragement and sound strategy for saving the funds needed to buy a home and share some info about loan products for those that can't afford a traditional down payment.

Many mistakenly believe they have to have 10-20 percent down, and simply not true, but I'll get to that momentarily. Let's start with strategies for saving money.

To Save Money for a Down Payment:

Budget: First off, sad to say, but most Americans are poor at managing money. One of the first things you should accomplish is an actual budget and

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Are you looking to buy a foreclosed or a short sale type of home, if so, read on…

Buying a foreclosure or short sale can be a great way to purchase a home, but there can be issues with the process.

When buying a foreclosure or short sale many things can happen and you need to be armed with knowledge so that you aren’t surprised if and when they occur.

foreclosed homesThese types of homes are almost always in need of repair, some might be minor, but some could be major.  It’s always best to assume the home will need repairs so you should be prepared mentally and financially.

If you are a cash buyer, you will not have to be concerned with “lender required” repairs, but still need to be aware of a few other potential issues.

If you are buying the home with

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Local Expertise for a Better Experience

realtor tips, real estate newsRealtor Tips and Buyer/Seller Advice

A lot of agents that have been around for a while tout their value to buyers with expertise on their community. Fine and dandy, it's good to know about jobs moving in or moving out of the area, local attractions and perks of residency, sure.

All that helps if you have someone moving from out of state or someone unfamiliar with the community a buyer is targeting. Most of your buyers, however, are usually local and in tune with what's going on though it doesn't hurt to demonstrate you're in step and in tune with local news, trends and events.

News You Can Use

Aside from knowing the properties in question and their histories, local news can tell a Realtor a lot and

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