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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Brand Power 

berkshire hathaway homeservices, berkshire hathaway real estate ohioLast week I had the honor of attending the Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices #revolution2015 in Las Vegas. With 2015 being my maiden voyage into the world of large scale business conventions, I didn’t know what to expect. As only Berkshire Hathaway can do, the convention exceeded even my wildest imaginative dreams.

Guest spots from HGTV’s Fixer Upper stars Chip and JoJo Gaines and an announcement of a partnering sweepstakes between BHHS and Fixer Upper, #revolution2015 reached epic proportions! Entranced and inspired by speakers including, Navy SEAL Officer Eric Greitens who is more than just a pretty face. TIME Magazine named Eric as one of the “100 Most Influential People” in 2013. Eric’s ability to lead

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Managing Risk - Communication

real estate risk, risk management, columbus realtorsThere's been some wonderful posts and articles on our blog here about risk lately for all parties involved with real estate transactions, I thought I'd put my two cents in on one aspect that not only creates risk but can be very frustrating for all parties involved - communication.

You may want to see more articles that help Buyers, Sellers, and Realtors with risk.

Bad Communication - More than Frustrating

With so many different methods and tools with which to communicate, it is a wonder that humans still fail to communicate well enough to avoid problems. In the practice of Real Estate, communication is so heavily focused on generating business, that sometimes Brokers and Realtors leave themselves unguarded to risk.

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Realtor Tips: Duty to Disclose

real estate disclosure, agent duty to disclose, realtor tipsI see a lot of buzz on the internet lately Realtors and real estate agents covering and commenting on topics like "risk", "liability" or even "fraud".  Guess that's due to buyers starting to come out, showing interest in homes after a lower-than-average show of winter activity and the advent of spring. See more Realtor Tips, or topics for Buyers & Sellers.

Buyers & Sellers Benefit from Disclosure

When in doubt, disclose. That's the general safe thinking attached to most parts of real estate process. There are, however, some instances where disclosure can violate a client or a customer's trust and confidence. A seller's agent has a duty of confidentiality towards their seller, as does a buyer's agent for his or her

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Horse Properties - Impress Your Clients

horse properties, horse property, horse property agents

Every now and then you may find yourself working with a client that owns a horse. The way to make that client happy is to wow them more with the stable and pasture than it is with the house. Horse people are seriously passionate about their animals and place their care and needs above their own in some cases. The error with these clients is to show them a property with a few acres and an equipment shed.

Realtor Tips for Horse Property Clients

First things first, ask questions about their horse hobby. Do they trail ride for fun? Do they compete in horse shows and if they do at what level? Do they prefer to have a lot of pasture for grazing or do they exercise their horse in a corral? Asking these questions

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Mortgage Fraud - Don't be a Victim!

mortgage fraud, real estate scams, real estate schemes

As promised, here's a follow-up post to my business partner's "Predatory Lending and Mortgage Fraud" article and if you're a buyer, seller, homeowner or a real estate agent, I recommend reading both posts.

Buyers, sellers, lenders, appraisers and even real estate agents can unknowingly participate in mortgage fraud in addition to being a victim. The personal and financial loss for victims can be devastating and involvement with mortgage fraud isn't always obvious. You can bookmark this page for reference if you have current or future concerns.

Easy to Understand Examples & Red Flags

I want to share some "easy to understand" examples of mortgage fraud, but also the red flags that are top indicators something

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Predatory Lending & Mortgage Fraud


Mortgage Fraud can be committed by buyers or lenders, this post contains two videos; the first on a lender's role in fraud, and the second from the FBI regarding buyer's role in fraud. Mortgage fraud perpetrated by a lender can occur on an initial loan or during a loan modification or refinance.

Mortgage loan fraud occurs when false statements are made to qualify for a loan. A number of fraudulent practices can get real estate licensees in trouble. False statements include bogus earnest money deposits (double contracts or hidden contracts).

Don't be a Victim; Read my business partner's post on "March is Mortgage Fraud Prevention Month".

A second, undisclosed mortgage can be involved. For

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Selling a Home As-Is; Seller, Buyer & Realtor Tips

selling a home as is, as is homes for sale, real estate law suitsHello again, welcome or welcome back if this is your first visit to our company blog. I wanted to share with sellers (and also new agents) some of the finer points and truths about selling a home as-is and clear up some common misconceptions about liability. Listing agents do well to make sure property disclosure statements are updated in a timely manner as issues arise.

If you're considering listing, visit the selling category of our blog, or if buying check out the buyers section. You may also be interested in more Realtor Tips.

Selling an "As-Is" Property - Avoiding Law Suits

Just because a seller decides to list a home in "as-is" condition doesn't alleviate them from responsibility nor

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Appraisal Costs Going Up? Place Your Bets!

fannie maie comps, fannie mae appraisal, house valueUgh, back in the saddle after a battle with the flu, my thoughts turn to buyers having to pay more for appraisals in the not so distant future (is it just me or did the last round of flu vaccines suck?)

Many still don't know about the implementation of Fannie Mae's new proprietary "low risk comp" software, and some still don't understand it including many real estate agents out there.

What it is and what it ain't ...

If you're not yet familiar with this newest "monkey wrench" in the real estate industry, you should. It can and will negatively affect the cost of getting a home appraised and increase the amount of time and paperwork involved for both appraiser and Realtor in most cases.

You may want to

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Home Security Advice for Women Who Live Alone

homes security, home security for women, home security for women who live aloneThe news is never short of home crimes involving women who live alone. In a recent report out of Northeast Columbus, Ohio, a woman who lived by herself was shot during a home invasion involving four masked men.

As an independent woman, buying a home and living on your own can be a liberating experience. But that freedom doesn't come without its risks. To protect against these threats and enjoy greater peace of mind, follow this important home security advice. 

Home Security Advice for Women

Avoid letting others know you live alone. Just because you live alone doesn't mean everyone needs to know. If you're new to the neighborhood, wait until you get to know your neighbors better before

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