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Home Staging - A Must-Have Marketing Tool for Realtors

home staging, selling a homeHome staging experts across the country receive countless email messages from real estate agents asking whether they should recommend to their clients hire a home-stager.

 Often real estate agents are hesitant to utilize the services of professional homestaging for three key reasons:

  1. They do not fully understand what a stager really does. 
  2. They feel that they provide adequate advice to their clients regarding improvements needed for the home to sell. 
  3. They are afraid that by recommending a home stager they will be expected to pay for the services.

A professional home stager will look at your client's home through the eyes of a highly critical buyer and make recommendations that will

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What Type of Home is Best for Me?

what type of home is best for me, homes that need repairs,There's going to be a lot more buyers this year, partly due to incentives like Obama's slashing private mortgage insurance by 40% which is already being rolled out. Many buyers just starting out are asking what type of home is going to give them the best deal.

First, buyers should understand the types of homes that are available on the market and will help them be prepared no matter what property catchers their eye.

Let's start with HUD and foreclosures. I come across buyers all the time, convinced that one or the other is going to proffer a better deal. That's a myth. 

Foreclosed Homes

It's common knowledge a foreclosure happens when the bank's acceleration clause kicks in according to their time frame and

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Lease Purchase or Land Contract: Dangerous?

lease purchase, land contractThe American dream is still very much alive and owning a home is at the top of the list.

The recent changes in the lending environment have helped thousands of people with the ability to qualify for a mortgage that weren’t able to just a few short months ago. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of American’s that are still not able to obtain a home mortgage.

Many of the people that aren’t able to (or don’t think they can) qualify for a mortgage are exploring various ways of “owning a home”. A few of the most popular ways are, lease purchases, land contracts, rent to own or also known as RTO type homes. (all of these types are very similar to each other, but they do have some differences)


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Succeeding at Internet Real Estate Leads

working internet leads, real estate leadsYou may or may not know, but 90% of internet lead transactions are done by less than 10% of Realtors. Ever wonder why that is? I can tell you it's seven simple reasons.

One of the first things you need to consider as an agent is whether or not your capable of making the commitment to work leads consistently. That means making the time daily to follow up. 95% of sales do not take place until after follow up #7 or greater (keyword here being greater). Some agents, however, are always hoping for "magical leads" that are just rearing to go. Those agents don't do much business at all. It's all about your personal conversion ratio.

MIT did a study of 50,000 internet leads and 10,000 Realtors, I'm going to share

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Realtor Tips - When to Fire Your Buyer

realtor tips, when to fire your buyerIn the middle of winter up to my knees in snow after a positive ending to an aggravating situation I decided I'd share an experience for agents (but also buyers) about when to let go, or fire a buyer. 

Sometimes, no matter how well you do your job, no matter years of experience and the patience that comes with it, you end up with a buyer client that leaves you wanting to pull your hair out.

It is extremely rare that I tell a buyer to find another agent, but I did this time and in the end, the buyer came back to me; go figure.

Early last year, I received a call from a buyer, pre-approved and eager to buy and thought "wonderful", I'm ready to assist. Little did I know I'd be going through a 6 month supply of

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Shopping for a Mortgage - Nasty Surprises

home loans, shopping mortgagesIt seems like more buyers are beginning to understand the necessity of getting pre-approved before looking at homes.

Buyers tend to do a lot more research online theses days before jumping into looking at homes and of course, getting pre-approved is tantamount to their success. After all, you can't even make an offer on a home without a pre-approval letter if you're financing.

Pre-Approvals Are no Guarantee

While many buyers have learned, or real estate agents coach buyers to shop around for competitive rates, there are more reasons to get pre-approved with more than one lender than just rate comparisons. I'd like to give you an example; pre-approval is different than pre-qualified and sometimes

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Has Real Estate Gone to Pot?

ohio legalized marijuanaIt's been very interesting following the news over the last few years, watching various states wrestling over the legalization of marijuana. Some people have moral issues with this while others favor it, but my focus is whether or not the legalization of marijuana is good for a state's economy, Ohio real estate or any state's real estate for that matter.

Personally, I think it should be treated like any other controlled substance or alcohol, but apparently so many people want it and push for weed to be legalized it may be happening here in Ohio. Let's take a look at what it's done for Colorado.

Schools definitely affect house values, and now Colorado's schools (thanks to marijuana taxes) have been given $1.1 million

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Best of Dayton Spotlight

dayton oh, dayton ohio, things to do in dayton ohThe following information was obtained from the most recent “Dayton Magazine”

The best businesses in the Dayton area showcased their goods at Dayton Magazine’s inaugural Best of Dayton Party. More than 600 people voted for the people and places in and around the Gem City that they thought were the best.

Below is the short version of the winners and I’m providing the names and locations and will let you decide if the winners are justified. Keep in mind, some of these businesses have multiple locations throughout the Miami Valley.

The Best Food Places according to the voting are:

  • Best Bakery; The Cakery at 140 Woodman Dr. Dayton
  • Best Bagel; Panera Bread at 1203 Brown St. Dayton
  • Best Barbecue; City Barbecue at 2330 N.
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Simplifying Home Improvements

home improvement, house value, diy home improvementThere are an abundance of articles online revolving around home improvement from DIY to trends. There are also many posts about which projects bring the best return for the investment. You may want to bookmark this post and save the useful links.

I'd like to bring it all down to earth and simplify things for buyers, new homeowners and homeowners that are preparing to sell with applicable tips.

What is your goal beyond just a fair return for your spend on home improvement? Will the improvements add to the quality of your life? Also, can you balance your wants with realistically increasing your home's worth? Are you engaging in home improvement with the intention of selling?

House Value - A Simple Place to Start

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Cleveland Metro Real Estate & Cold Fun


It's chilly up here in the Cleveland area! This week I wanted to touch on a few topics of Northeast and Lake County Ohio real estate and also winter fun.  I believe the two go together!

Lake County Ohio Real Estate

Right now we are working on "rebuilding the listing inventory" and many sellers are still hesitant. Of interest, sellers can put themselves in a great position during these winter months, even selling a home quicker, and for our business as agents getting off to that great start.

If you've been online looking for guidance about listing in the winter, you've probably seen many reasons on different coaching sites, agent sites, blog posts and general knowledge searches, however the

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