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Psstt... Wanna Talk To A Mortgage Underwriter?

It is frustrating to a potential home buyer to get almost to closing, and have financing fall through.  As a former Underwriter (The Wizard Of Oz), I'm going to share with you a few pitfalls. 

Don't Let Your Home Loan get Denied

The Underwriter is someone you'll never talk to.  They are not allowed to talk to you because they must be impartial and unmoved by emotion.   Their job is to verify documentation presented matches all criteria needed to fund loans according to investor guidelines.  It requires concentration and attention to detail to recall all the changing guidelines analyzing each loan quickly and accurately, sending loans to closing on time.  Continue reading to see examples of how

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Winning Multiple Offers

winning multiple offers, realtor tips, buying a homeOver the past several years, I have been involved in several multiple offer situations with my clients. We don’t always succeed, but my percentages are pretty darned good.

While the majority of the multiple offer scenarios are involving foreclosures and REO properties, that isn’t always the case. With the huge increase in home buying activity predicted by the experts for 2015, you will be encountering more and more multiple offer situations, even on consumer owned homes.

This is due to the short supply of available homes for sale; the increased amount of buyers that are able to purchase a home, especially after the government has instructed the mortgage lenders to loosen their purses; the spring home buying season which is

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Time Management Starts Now!

realtor tips, time managementTime management; something many real estate agents struggle with. No matter if you're new to the industry or a seasoned pro, time management starts now. We get so busy, battling distractions, serving clients, hammering out contracts, writing blogs and working social media you have to wonder;

Is Time Managing You?

I hear it all the time from agents that I work with "I don't have time", or "I'll get to it" which usually equates to the same thing. As busy as we get, it's important to have a strategy for how we're going to spend that precious time weekly and even daily. Otherwise, Father Time is sitting out there laughing his metaphorical butt off as we just desperately jump from one thing to the next. Decide what is

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Pre-Approval - No Problem

Good for a laugh, the funny here is it's not terribly far from the truth. Let me just say it, buyers that want to see homes without having talked with a lender generally don't go to the top of the list with most Realtors. Would you want to spend your gas and precious time to show a home to someone who's financial capability you know nothing about?

Probably not, but therein lay a few opportunities that can save you money. 

Pre-approval - The Right Lender for You.

Your best bet for finding the right lender for your location and unique situation is talking to a Realtor. Why? Realtors that have been in the business for any good length of time keep a group of preferred lenders in their back pocket.

Save money & time getting

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Cordless Tools & Fire Hazards

December, 2014, a family acquaintance had a fire in their home caused by the charger plugged into the wall without the drill inserted.  It shorted out and within 5 minutes the home was badly burned. It happens more than you think; don’t let it happen to you!


If you're selling a home and getting the property prepared, you may be making some improvements prior to listing. Or, if you're buying a home, after purchase you make want to make some improvements or changes that suit your needs; hanging drapes, installing closet organizers or putting up laundry room shelves. You may be another Realtor taking a personal home improvement hand with a recently acquired property you're going to flip or rent.

The internet has buzzed

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Low Appraisals - New Process Impacts Contracts


One of the worst feelings a Realtor, buyer or seller can feel during the process of moving towards closing is a low appraisal. It's like a punch in the gut and steals your breath.

Appraisal Process Changing Jan. 26th!

There's also been a lot of buzz about the new appraisal system, going live January 26th this year which I'm sure most Realtors know about by now. Fannie's proprietary software system provided to lenders may prove to really throw a monkey wrench in the works for Realtors, but also buyers and sellers.

Sometimes we look back to look ahead and try and determine changes in trends. See the chart below provided by the Ohio Association of Realtors demonstrating how much

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Homes for Sale Dayton Ohio - Opportunity!

homes for sale dayton ohio, dayton ohio real estate, house valuesRemember just a few years ago, buyers and investors were snapping up cheap foreclosures for a starter home or investment and how crazy it was? It's likely to get nuts again!

Dayton Ohio Real Estate - Undervalued 17%!

Dayton area home prices are among the most undervalued in the U.S., according to Forbes, as much as 17% of what they should be ranking the Dayton area as the #3 most affordable market in the U.S. It's almost ironic this news from Forbes came out soon after I published a post on house values in four Dayton suburbs, comparing Springboro with three other Dayton communities..

Some speculate it's a augury of an approaching housing bubble, but I don't believe so and agree with Forbes. Housing

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Cleveland Real Estate - Now I'm Blogging!

I am starting a blog to open up another social avenue to share my interests and my business as a real estate agent in Ohio. From reading so many blogs, watching videos, reviewing Pinterest advertisements and much more, I find it fascinating how we all connect in cycles of interests.

ohio real estate, clevleand real estate, mentor real estateI have been very diversified over my lifetime from working carnivals at the age of 4 selling novelties, I have a Roman Catholic background in a large Polish family. I played college baseball and basketball.

I served 11 years active duty in the United States Coast Guard (Semper Paratus) and still am in the Reserves. I sell residential and commercial real estate. I am a father to a 6 year old boy plus twin 3 year old boys! I am

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What is my Home Worth? – Seller & Realtor Tips

House value, what is my home worthThis article is intended new Realtors but also for sellers and attempt to demystify how house values are determined, how accurate methods and tools are and debunk some house value tools you have likely seen online.

Realtors, hang on to your badges and smart phones, it's going to a rocket ride for real estate this year and just one of the things you'll be asked repeatedly is "How much is my home worth?", "What is my house value?"

Comps & Price Analysis

"Comps" are simply data on houses matching feature to feature in the sellers area as precisely as possible. Using comps, a Realtor will provide a "CMA" or Comparative Market Analysis. Sounds fancy, doesn't it?

More to House Value than Comps;

First of

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Fairfield OH Real Estate – A “Smart Move”

homes for sale in Fairfield Ohio, Cincinnati real estateFairfield Ohio, a suburb of the Cincinnati real estate market is showing some remarkable, buyers looking in or near the area will find some powerful, positive indicators it’s an excellent time to consider homes for sale in Fairfield Ohio.

Many buyers looking into Southwest or Southern Ohio real estate who are calculating cost of living, employment opportunities, and seeking to buy a home but with frugal goals are turning towards communities like Fairfield. Let's take a look at why Fairfield is a smart move.

Cincinnati Real Esate - Fairfield's "Magnets"

  • The median home cost in Fairfield is $129,900.
  • Fairfield Residential appreciation the last year has been 7.10 percent.
  • Fairfield's cost of living is
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