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Ohio Real Estate - Resurgence & Reality

ohio real estate, ohio real estate market, ohio real estate market 2015A huge sigh of relief but with tenuous underlying anxiety would be loose description of how many Ohio Realtors feel heading into 2015, 6 years after the worst financial collapse since the 1930's but with the strongest rebound rates of quarterly growth in over a decade with the U.S. now outpacing much of the globe.

I believe we are headed for a strong year for the Ohio real estate industry. You may agree if you're paying attention to a lot of little signals at local, state and national levels and with mortgage rate forecasts estimating a cool 5% through 2015. There are however, some more pessimistic views but when stepping back to look at it all, growing fast can be a recipe for another disaster. I'll take slower

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New Years’ Resolutions 2015 – Home Ownership

buying a foreclosed home, first time home buyingWe've all made them, New Year’s Resolutions. One of them might be buying a foreclosed home. I wanted to speak to hopes you might have about 2015 and information to help with first time home buying.

Amazing, isn’t it? How quickly the years come and go and if you haven’t noticed, the older you get the faster it goes. 2014 was almost a flash in the pan, but too, time goes by quickly when you’re busy and especially if you’re having fun. We promised we’d set aside more money, we’d work on our credit, be practical and diligent with our financial practices so we could buy a home, right?

I get to talk to a lot of people on a regular basis; buyers and sellers and also a lot of agents on our team. Collectively,

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New Year, New Outlook - Senior Downsizing

buying a home, downsizing, senior livingIt is the start of a new year and per tradition, new resolutions are made. And whether or not you are a believer of making them or keeping up with them, I wanted to share my personal resolution.

When our seniors downsize to the home they will retire in, there is typically a lot of belongings, and a lot of emotional attachment. If assisted living isn't necessary, a great Realtor can help the family with a home purchase for a downsize but it's up to the family to be mentally prepared to handle those emotional attachments and make downsizing less painful or frustrating.

One of the services we provide is helping seniors downsize. Over the years we have worked with many families through this transition. We have

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Buying a Home; First Time Buyer Information:

So, you are a first time home buyer and have some questions about the home buying process. Perhaps this information will be beneficial to you. In addition to the information below, our site contains a lot of very valuable information about the home buying process, etc. CLICK HERE.

first time home buying, first time buyer, buying a homeWhen embarking on one of the most expensive journeys of your life, you should take the time to do some research first. The internet has a plethora of available websites offering information about the home buying process. I realize that it can be very time consuming as well as complex, so, I will try and make things very simple and easy to understand.

Do you know where your credit stands? This is by far one of the most important

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Holiday Home Security Tips

holiday home burglarySecuring your home against burglary is always important, but during the holidays—when gifts such as HDTVs, smart phones, jewelry, cash, and other valuables surround your tree—home security should be at the top of your list. 

To protect your home, valuables, and overall peace of mind against burglary over the holidays, incorporate these important holiday home security tips into your plans.

Anti-Burglary Home Security Tips

  • One of the first things a burglar looks for when casing a residence is easy access through a door or window. In addition to keeping your doors and windows locked at all times, ensure your vulnerable entry doors and windows are equipped with an added layer of security. Home security devices such as a
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Price-Fixing - Bid-Rigging Conspiracy & Ohio Real Estate

ohio real estate, manufacturing jobs, jobs marketHello all, been taking quite a break to work on tools and technology for our brokerage and haven't posted for some time now, but I came across an article on the Dayton Daily News and just couldn't resist sharing. Ohio's auto parts industry has suffered a lot over the last decade as with many other states with huge job losses, loss of market share and a playing field in desperate need of being leveled in the face of price fixing and bid rigging conspiracies. If you're not angry, you should be.

The Justice Department Takes Action

Jobs mean income, and employment has a direct impact on the real estate industry. We've already won a coveted manufacturing designation for the Dayton-Cincinnati region

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Real Estate Centerville 2015

real estate centerville, homes for sale in centerville ohio, centerville ohio real estateIt's that time of year when real estate business slows down, and I slow down and nice to have some relaxing down time too. My holiday bustle is starting to relax and wanted to take the opportunity to yak a bit about Centerville, the Centerville real estate industry and homes for sale in Centerville Ohio in case you're considering buying next year (or selling).

Though the Dayton metro area might lag behind other Ohio metro areas like Columbus or Cincinnati in terms of unemployment, certain Dayton suburbs like Centerville and Beavercreek definitely held their own in 2014.  Beavercreek's unemployment currently stands at 4.3%, definitely better than state and national averages, and Centerville's unemployment currently stands

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Youtility & Why THIS is the Best Way to Land New Clients

Shout out to Jay Baer and, I KNEW I should have patented my way of reeling in new clients! I just missed the train on the crafty title…"Youtility.”

Before you decide this is another smoke and mirror sales tactic, Youtility is essentially providing clients with useful, hands-on information right at the onset of meeting vs. flashing your pearly whites and snazzy business card (which we’ve all been known to do).

A novel idea right? Let’s go over that again... providing clients with useful information right at the onset of meeting. Why was this not ever used, particularly in the world of Real Estate?! Why is this NEW?

Lots of reasons, but let’s just scratch the surface today. I’m sure

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DIY Cost - Efficient Flooring 

Paper Bag FloorsDo you have an unfinished basement or a room that you are dying to redo the floors, but don’t have the money in your pocket to execute? Well, keep reading to see the solution you may have been looking for: Paper bag floors, yes you heard that right – paper bags. This affordable, attractive, DIY flooring solution could be the answer to finishing your basement or spicing up a room upstairs.

The cost will depend on the size of the room you are planning to cover but overall cost should be below $100. Which, if you have ever shopped for flooring, this is cheap! Paper bag floors can be put over concrete or wood and could be finished in a weekend’s time. What you will need to accomplish this project:

  1. A roll of brown paper –
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