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"Tricks-and-Tips" for a Safe Halloween 

Halloween Safety Halloween: a sole 24-hour period where little ghosts and goblins roam the streets, racing from door-to-door screaming, “trick-or-treat!” They have been anxiously waiting for a months’ time for October 31st to finally arrive – costumes are made, and their pillow cases are primed to be filled. Now that the candy is purchased and the kids are fully prepared you need to ask the question: is my home ready?

Homeowners have the obligation to make their home safe for trick-or-treaters of all ages. With many of them sprinting from each yard to the next, it is your responsibility to make sure your home is free from danger this Halloween.

“Tricks-and-Tips” for having a spooky but safe Halloween night:

  • Make sure to
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Renovate the "Bones" of Your Home to Receive a Higher ROI 

High ROIIn the world of real estate we are constantly hearing homeowners ask “what home improvements will give me the highest return of investment (ROI)?” No one wants to feel like they wasted money, and that especially goes for those expensive home renovations. When thinking about making improvements to your home you need to think about the future buyer – not just yourself. Chances are a future customer might not like that custom  hot-tub with a 5ft waterfall and flashing lights in your living room (that you love) and it may be the deciding factor not to purchase your house.

Spending a lot of money on specialty items is not always going to give you the highest ROI because it is specific to your taste

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Even Ben Bernanke Can't Refi?! 

It’s clearly beyond time for reform when lending restrictions are SO tight that even the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve can’t snag a refi loan on his own residence. Lawmakers and Realtors have advocated for years to loosen the stringent Qualified Mortgage Rule put into place during the 2008-2010 housing crisis, which prevented a large majority of prospective homebuyers from taking the leap into the American Dream of homeownership.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter how high consumer confidence is, how many jobs have been created or how phenomenal the “deals” are when over 5million homeowners have weathered the storm of a foreclosure, a new conundrum arises. How do we get these people who would like to re-try their

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Top 5 Home Security Mistakes that Increase the Risk of Burglary

Common Home Security MistakesEach year the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) collects data on the various property crimes reported around the country, including Ohio. According to the most current FBI crime report, there were 359,883 property crimes reported by Ohio residents in 2012. Out of those property crimes, 103,421 were burglaries.

While these numbers have improved compared to those of two years ago, burglary continues to be the greatest threat to a resident's property and peace of mind. There are a variety of reasons for this, but in terms of home security, oftentimes it's the mistakes homeowners make.

Common Home Security Mistakes

The following are five of the most common home security mistakes

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Home Buying 101 - Six Tips for First Time Home Buyers

First-Time Home BuyerEntering into the housing market for the first time can be exhilarating, but also terrifying. There are so many obstacles hiding in the depths of the home buying process that could easily scare any newbie away – even though just the thought of purchasing your first home is enough excitement to keep you pushing along. In order for you to get the home that best suits you, you’ll have to start with doing your homework. Below, we will examine six essential tips to help first-time home buyers stay afloat during the quest of finding their dream home.

  • Know what is most important to you in a home. How many bedrooms/ bathrooms do you want? Is a garage a must-have? Do you need a big yard that’s fenced in
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Giant Time Wasters

Time seems to be moving faster for all of us these days. It’s as if the world is literally spinning more quickly than a decade ago. While we are all running around like scattering ants, tweeting, texting, Facebooking, obsessively refreshing Instagram and The Chive we can scarcely keep up with the ground under our feet.

It seems the Leave It to Beaver days of simplicity, time to sit, have a drink and ponder life are all but extinct. The new wave of hot apps claim to help us consolidate the useless 50+ emails we receive daily, coordinate our calendars, contacts, and cloud all of it so we and literally everyone else we put into “special groups” can see what we are up to and where we’re at by simply checking where we’ve been pin dotted

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Are Current Tax laws Unconstitutional? 

taxation without representation

A critical part of our constitution, there was to be no taxation with representation as back in the days of being under King George's rule.

As Realtors, we don't' just sell homes in one township, suburb, community or city, but work enough territory to suit our financial goals. Granted, not every state has as many municipalities as Ohio, however, if I sell a home in Dayton, but can't vote on Dayton's leadership, policies and issues because I live in Monroe, some 20 or so miles away, is it fair for me to pay city taxes for Dayton? Obviously, this practice effects more than just Ohio Realtors, but all kinds of small businesses and independent contractors.

Some younger readers may not be familiar with this

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Autumn Tips and Tricks to help your Listing Photos Stand Out

Autumn's colorful foliage creates a spectacular show of stunning scenery. A photograph of a home for sale that manages to capture the sun setting across vibrantly colored trees is likely to attract a lot of attention. Many Ohioans look forward to this time of year and are often self-proclaimed fall foliage fanatics.

Fall Home Listing Photo

Those shopping for a home in this area are instantly drawn to colorful high-quality pictures. Why not use this time of year to your advantage when listing a home? With all of the colors and scenery already in place, conquering the perfect technique in taking fall shots isn't as hard as it seems.

Planning is preeminent: While shooting a picture of a home in autumn, you want the

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Tips for Improving Past Credit Errors before Pre-Approval

Many people who are shopping for a home start with researching what homes are available in their area. While this is a great first step, at Union Home Mortgage Corp. (UHM) many of our loan officers will advise buyers to start the home buying process by applying for pre-approval for a home loan. Pre-approval is a prudent first step since it can help you set your budget, before looking. After all, it’s never fun to fall in love with a home and find out that it’s not within your budget. Instead, many lending professionals will suggest buyers start with pre-approval, and then refer back to their personal finances to see what monthly payment they’re comfortable with before deciding on a budget. 


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The world has changed dramatically in the past decade in so many ways and communication methods have played a huge part in it.

In today's world, almost everyone has a cellular phone. More and more people are using the more advanced type of cell phones called "smart phones".Smart phones are like a mini computer on steroids. You can send and receive emails, text messages and even videos to your friends and family. You can even watch your favorite TV show on a smart phone.

Ohio Real Estate

Many smart phones have better digital cameras installed than a lot of the traditional type cameras on the market today. They come in very handy when you are out and about and spot something that is photo worthy.

Since you probably never leave home without your phone, you've always

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