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buying a home bad creditProtecting Your Credit

My business partner and I have been helping good people buy and sell homes in southwestern Ohio for years, and though most home buyers are successful , there are some situations that could have worked out but failed due to unwise credit activity.

I wanted to share some of these situations for readers to help buyers be better qualified and lessen the risk of their financing falling apart, but also command a better credit score prior to seeking a pre-approval from a lender. Getting pre-approved is not just important, but absolutely necessary before going house hunting. Many are caught by surprise when they can't get approved for the requested mortgage loan amount or not get approved for a real estate purchase at all.

Avoid a

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Home Security Tips - Keeping Home & Family Safe

Home SecurityToday's technology is a wonderful thing. That is until it falls into the hands of criminals and threatens the home security of innocent residents.

Technology in the Wrong Hands

According to a recent ABC News report, criminals are now using Google Earth to target homes and plan their crimes. For those of you who are not familiar with the application, this popular mapping technology provides detailed photographic views of various geographical locations. Burglars and other criminals are using these photographs to assess the ins and outs of the residences they target and plan their exit and entry strategies.

Simple Ways to Decrease Your Home Security Risk

The fact that anyone can view photographs of

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Fairborn Hits a Home Run

Last Saturday marked the anniversary of the 18th USAF Marathon, with 15,000 runners from all walks of life it was truly a sight to behold!

Fairborn is the place to be! One of the only places on the course to see and interact with the marathon runners, as most of the course is held on the secure WPAFB, the Fairborn Fly Zone has it all!

Hunger Paynes food truck, Boston Stoker Coffee, K99.1FM and hundreds of enthusiastic spectators from retired military, to elementary student council members and Fairborn’s ROTC members, were ALL  up early to experience the energy and fire of 4500 full marathon runners pounding the pavement in our Hometown.

Fairborn Fly Zone rep, Linda Riffle says, “This is a great way for Fairborn to show our

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Butler County - Great Expectations for 2015

Butler County Ohio is home to several bustling communities and has no sign of slowing down.

Butler County Ohio Real EstateAccording to a recent article in Money magazine, West Chester Ohio is ranked #30 as being one of the best places to live in the USA.

West Chester is not even a city which makes it even more outstanding that it even ranked at all in the Money magazine survey. West Chester is actually Ohio’s largest township! There is no traditional town square either; West Chester Twp is a sprawling community stretching its boundaries for miles.

It isn’t hard to see why the community has ranked so well either. It is very conveniently located near the huge Interstate roadway, I-75 which affords traveler’s the ability to reach deep

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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty

Quality is everything, inside about out. Opening our 1,000th office at the end of October 2014, only a year to date after welcoming our first affiliate is a strong testament to the power of a brand that people recognize and trust, but also to the brand's commitment to excellence.

Formerly Prudential One Realtors, this particular franchise, a winner of three JD Power Awards for consumer satisfaction, was choice for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, and we're proud of it, sure.

It was interesting to see the outcome of the 2104 Harris Poll Eqi-Trend earlier this year of which brokerage brands scored high with consumers and which didn't, with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices leading the way.


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Homeowners - Essential Fall Maintenance Tips

Fall MaintenanceAs the weather starts to cool, many homeowners get to work picking up leaves and readying their lawns for the coming winter. However, it’s also important to turn your attention to the indoors and prepare your home for the freezing temperatures that are winding around the corner.

While the autumn maintenance list can be very long, here are a few essential tasks that no homeowner should ignore:

1. Clean the gutters: While picking up fallen leaves from the lawn, you also need to remove them from your gutters. A clean gutter prevents ice damage during the winter months. After cleaning, it’s important to flush your gutters with water and inspect all of the joints. If you notice your gutters need replaced, it’s

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For the Biggest Purchase of Your Life, Use Those Carefully Honed Shopping Skills

ShoppingWhen shopping for a home loan, many people don’t know where to start. You may be feeling slightly overwhelmed and tempted to just go with the first thing you find. But, this is not always the best strategy. We’ve all been shopping before and have become aware of the countless options available, when it comes to any product.

Much like items or products you can find at the store, home loan and home refinancing costs are also negotiable and interchangeable. Due to the fact that there are numerous options on the market, it is important to weigh these factors and put on your shopping cap. The most influential aspects of any home purchase or refinance are the financial terms

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Quantitative Easing's End Looms on the Horizon

What’s ahead? The steady but admittedly slow recovery of the economy has led the fed’s to continue with the planned tapering of the bond program to wrap up by October. With the conclusion of quantitative easing on the horizon, eyebrow lifts over the potential of rising interest rates are occurring among buyers and sellers. 

Wait It Gets Better....

Consumers, particularly millennials have had their collective ears to the ground for a few years on the rising interest rate front. The possibility of the fed’s beginning to sell back their bond holdings could boost the supply of bonds, resulting in higher rates. The unpredictability of interest rates has resulted in drastic differences sometimes by double

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Buying a Home - Moving Tips

berkshire hathaway homeservices moving tipsIf you have ever moved, you already know it can be a pain. Finding important things after belonging are relocated to the new home, to heavy lifting and which boxes to unpack first, there are several things you can do in planning your moving strategy for a smoother outcome with less headaches.

Having moved a few times in my life I speak from experience.

Make a Master List and Command Center:

Okay, so you are you going to do the norm and write "kitchen" on all your kitchen boxes? Good luck with that, I'll be done unpacking the kitchen while you're figuring what's in each box. Instead, try "Pots and Pans", "Silverware and Utensils", "Spices", "Condiments" etc... be specific and you'll know what's in each box and what to

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Run Fur Rescues! Helping Our Furry Friends 

Run Fur RescuesRun Fur Rescues is October 5, 2014. Several organizations have collaborated with Metro County Parks for an event supporting the local animal community including rescues, shelters and animal advocacy organizations while helping the local businesses as well.

The event is to shine positive attention on healthy lifestyles and supporting our animal community so everyone is welcome (kid and pet friendly) for a wonderful celebration.

The event will be held October 5th at the Voice of America Park (lake area) from 9-2. I would like to invite you to participate in Run Fur Rescues, The second annual 5k run/walk (1 Mile Mutt Strut) in this area that benefits the local rescue community!

This is an official chip

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