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Selling a Home: 10 Common Mistakes

In order for you to have the best experience when it comes to selling a home, make sure you avoid these 10 common Mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not getting rid of enough stuff

De-cluttering a home prior to selling is vital to getting potential buyers to even consider viewing a property. Buyers are not able to see past the vast array of personal clutter. Items that must go include family photos, décor items that represent a targeted personal style such as sports themed related items. If you have children, pack up the majority of their toys only leaving items that are easily stored away. Items or appliances on countertops need to be minimal in both the kitchen and bathrooms. Small décor pieces that are smaller than a

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Selling a Home Yourself?

Many FSBO's mistakenly believe they will net more by selling their home on their own, however, studies have shown the average sales price of a FSBO is $184,000 and the average sales price when sold by a Realtor is $230,000.

Selling a home  FSBO

I came across an article on Keeping Current Matters and though I agree with their points on the subject, I’d like to add some insights from a Realtors’ perspective.

Selling a Home: Negotiating

Their first point is that there are too many people to negotiate with. First of all, there’s the buyer hunting for the best deal, and the buyer’s agent who’s responsibility and mission it to protect and serve their client’s best interests which includes saving them money. In some areas of the country, buyers

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Do Rising Prices Mean More Development for Waynesville?

Many local Southern Ohio real estate markets are enjoying a stronger pulse when it comes to house value, and Waynesville house values seems to be more towards the front of the pack. I live and work out of Monroe and loosely in the center of Southern Ohio real estate markets between Dayton and Cincinnati, working in a baker's dozen counties so I get to see a lot local markets and one I've been watching the last year is Waynesville.

Waynesville Ohio real estate house valueLast year, June 2013, the average selling price of a home in Waynesville was $248,000 and for June this year we see homes selling for an average of $231,000. I came across a blog post elsewhere online and a comment asking why the drop in homes for sale in Waynesville

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Immigration: Good for Economy and Real Estate?


In an ongoing effort to be more competitive, Dayton and Cincinnati are once again joining forces to attract future business and revenue and this time the focus is becoming more immigrant friendly. This is not a new concept for Ohio though as initial efforts began back in 2011 about fifty miles north of Dayton. I'm all for this idea, so long as it doesn't encourage illegal immigration, and don't ship new jobs back overseas which is what has many concerned.

More job skills, innovation, investment funding, and creativity coupled with fresh sources of capital is great from the larger picture for Southwest Ohio down to the region's local economies. More opportunities on the job market, increasing

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Do-It-Yourself Home Security—Part II: Psychological Deterrents

Home Security CamerasIn DIY Home Security Part I, I shared some simple ways you can increase the security of your home's sliding glass doors and windows. Another effective way to keep burglars and other would-be intruders out of your home is through the use of inexpensive psychological deterrents.

Effective DIY Psychological Deterrents

Most burglars do their homework before targeting a property for their intended crime. The homes that make ideal targets are those that present the least amount of risk for criminals. It is for this reason that psychological deterrents are such an important part of home security.

The following are a few inexpensive, yet highly effective methods for keeping burglars and other

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Buying a Home - Learning about Liens

buying a home tax liensPart of a Realtors' job description is protecting their clients. In fact, you could say it's the biggest and most important part of our job. I'd like to talk about liens and how they come into play with buying a home. 

There all kinds of liens you can run into if you're in the market to buy a home. A seller may still list their home, even if they have a lien on it, and payoff of the lien becomes negotiable. Liens can be filed for unpaid services like a mechanic's lien for work or services that have not been payed for, or tax liens for unpaid back taxes.

Perhaps a buyer and seller may agree to meet half way in paying off a lien depending on the size and amount and the agreed upon sales price of the home. Buyers

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The Benefits of a Monthly Mortgage Payment

There are many reasons why having a mortgage can benefit you. Often, mortgages are the least expensive money you can borrow, so you don’t have to worry about high interest rates. Monthly Mortgage Payment But before you decide to pay off a home mortgage there are questions you must ask yourself.  Do you have any other debt? What is the interest rate on your mortgage? How much have you saved?

If you have any other loans besides a mortgage it’s a good idea to consider paying those off first. Things such as car loans, credit card debt, and student loans tend to have a much higher interest rate than a home mortgage. Your home mortgage could also help establish good credit and can appreciate in value, while a car loan will always

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DIY Home Security - Part I: Sliding Glass Doors & Window Protection

Home Security for Sliding Glass DoorsJust as there are creative ways to stretch a dollar, there are resourceful and affordable ways to protect your home and keep the bad guys out.

The following is the first of a two-part series of inexpensive, do-it-yourself home security measures that you can easily put in place to keep you, your valuables, and your family protected.

Sliding Glass Doors & Window Protection

Two of the most vulnerable entry points of a home are the sliding glass door and windows. This is because the locking mechanism on these types of barriers is really nothing more than an aluminum latch that can be easily defeated. The glass panes can also be easily broken.

The following are some simple and

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Home Staging - Creating First Impressions for Buyers

We all know that when we are networking or marketing ourselves or our businesses, we must step-up our appearance and put our best foot forward to make a good first impression. We don't make it a habit of dressing in our pajama's to make a presentation at a board meeting. We also don't wear our 3-piece suite to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie with the family.

We can (and should) apply those same principles when putting our home on the market. Once we decide to sell our house, we must think about it as a product and not our home. Often we find that is very difficult for homeowners to accomplish. And that is usually where we come in! However, don't beat yourself up about hiring this task out. I

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How Accurate are "Zestimates"? 

how accurate are zestimates?The talk just keeps heating up out there as more and more Realtors challenge Zillow's idea of house value online in LinkedIn, Facebook and Google + discussions. Especially with Move, Inc and The National Association of Realtors winning an early victory in the court battle against Zillow and Errol Samuelson, the former president of Realtor.com. 

I'm going to show you some local examples, as well as show you some examples in other states how inaccurate third party or "E-commerce" sites like Zillow are, but also where you can turn for accurate, quantifiable information about homes in your area.

For instance, take a home listed at $200,000 at 1619 Beechshire Dr, Anderson Twp, OH 45255, which sold for $190,000 on

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