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Huber Heights Ohio Homes - Musical House Values

Huber Heights Ohio homes music centerThere are several things that help drive real estate markets and house values locally for Huber Heights or any other community for that matter. You have jobs, economy, the city's crime rate (which you can look up on city-data.com btw. How clean is the city or suburb? Parking can be an issue in some places and how about neighbors?

One thing that really drives popularity are the city and area attractions for a given location. Huber Heights residents are about to get a little boost in the entertainment department, with the Huber Heights Music Center to be completed some time this year. 

The $18,000,000 dollar project will produce revenue for the city, and entertainment for residents. Entertainment makes

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Railway Car Project Impact on Cincinnati Real Estate

Cincinnati real estate has had seemingly more than it's fair share of blues over the last ten years with national economic downturn, and The Queen City constantly competing with Newport and Covington Kentucky for tourism and spending. I do see the city wrestling hard to turn things around, and some positive steps forward have been taken.

Cincinnati real estate public transitMy business partner Greg Hancock wrote about the Mayors of Cincinnati and Dayton working together to hopefully claim one of 12 hotly desired manufacturing designations. This coveted designation would mean a huge influx of money, a portion of $1.3 billion dollar pie and more local jobs, to be announced towards the end of this year and we all have our fingers crossed.

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Home Improvement for House Value: Mistakes Part Nine

home improvement kitchen cabinetsWelcome back, let's talk about cabinets. Now, in the spring season remodeling is all the rage with kitchens and bathrooms topping the list of what adds value and popularity. Keeping in mind how long you intend on living in the home, this is one project you should weigh carefully in terms of return on investment vs. just doing some inexpensive DIY things for a good face-lift on the existing cabinets.

The "Face Value of Cabinets"

For increased house value most will remodel the whole kitchen, perhaps enlarging it, installing a new garbage disposal, fixtures and appliance upgrades and this is great if you intend on buying a home, living in it for some time and then selling a home at a profit. However,

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10 Tips to Protect That Good Credit Score

Did you know that you can damage your chance of getting that pre-approved loan approved for your home purchase? 

The process for a mortgage loan involves: qualification, pre-approval, approval and lock.  Just because you have your pre-approval letter, it does not mean that you are assured of moving to the next step of approval.  Pre-approval is conditional and changes to your credit score can affect the lender’s decision to approve the loan. 

During the loan process, there are some things you can do and some you can avoid to ensure your credit rating remains in the good zone.  Following are some tips to help you move to the approval step.

  1. Pay all existing accounts on time—if you receive even one 30
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Practice Real Estate with Honor

I am a brand new Realtor and the reason I am interested in Real Estate is because I have heard from dozens of friends who have purchased that they need an agent that they can trust. The thought and thrill of being part of this very exciting time in my clients lives and representing both sellers and buyers as best as I can while protecting my clients interests is why I have become a Realtor. Not to take advantage of people during one of the most exciting times in my clients lives. 

My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and a huge part of her job is teaching very basic right and wrongs in children's lives and to my benefit we have a very simple "Treat others as you would want to be treated" elementary philosophy, in my house. It

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Dayton Improvements Boosting Real Estate?

Dayton Ohio Real Estate PricesDayton sure has undergone a lot of changes the last year or two, even programs with funding for repairs to help out eyesore properties in danger of being abandoned in some of the city's worst off neighborhoods, making houses more livable and stemming off and defeating neighborhood decline.

Dayton continues marching forward improving the area, in fact, the Dayton Rotary Club donated $100,000 to add a kayaking water feature to its park which my colleague Marty Snyder posted a while back and the $300,000 that to occupied homes another colleague of mine, Greg Hancock, wrote about.

Now, and a little less exciting perhaps, the long-awaited widening of South Main Street begins today, June 20th as reported by the

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Home Improvement for House Value: Mistakes Part Eight

DIY Home Improvement MistakesOne potentially expensive mistake you can avoid if you're buying or a newer homeowner with the intent of selling a few years down the road, is changing a room's intent or function. Knocking a wall out to a bedroom to create a larger living or family room or turning a living room or dining room into a large kitchen isn't going to do wonders for your return on investment.

Changing Form and Function

Let's say your in the market for a three bedroom home, and the neighborhoods you want to buy in are typically three bedroom houses, and there's one home that you like. All the features of this home meet your needs like the 2 car garage, though it's only a two bedroom. It does, however, have an extra

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Berkshire Hathaway Charities for Children

berkhshire hathaway homeservices charitiesI just love this company, and I knew when I made the switch it was the right decision. It's seems this company draws out the best in people, and actively involved with communities and giving back, especially to children. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and its many franchises have several programs targeting children as the beneficiaries.

Soul for Soles

On the 21st of June in just a few days' time for instance, our Regional Vice President and Partner Michael Smith, has sponsored a "Soul to Soles" 5k race, providing sneakers for under privileged kids in Lorain County Ohio. Participants can walk, stroll or run the distance. Too, anyone can participate in sponsorship and donation opportunities to help the kids

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Builders Focused on more Green Inventory by 2018

Experts are predicting and surge of "green home" and "eco friendly" housing to continue to rise sharply between now and 2018. 

green ohio homesAn upswing in green building is expected over the next four years as more widespread adoption takes hold, according to survey respondents in McGraw Hill's latest SmartMarket Report.

More than one-third of single-family builders, or 34 percent, report that more than 60 percent of their projects are "green." What's more, 62 percent of builders say they expect that more than 60 percent of their single-family homes will be green by 2018.

Going Green - Gaining Popularity

The multifamily market is also going green. The number of multifamily builders who say that 90 percent of

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Exposé: Inside the Loan Process

Loan Process SecretsIf you’ve ever bought a home and went through the loan process, there is probably a little date stuck in your head that you won't forget: the closing date. Before you began the process, it’s likely that you didn’t realize the grand significance of that date.

When it all started falling into place and the process began to take a little longer than you thought, frustration might have kicked in. We’d like to elaborate a little on the delicate balance that is the mortgage loan process.

(Hey, first-time homebuyers, sorry if we lost you there! It’s okay if you are unfamiliar with this topic, but this is good to know before you begin your own loan process.)

If there is one thing you take out of this article: Be as

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