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The state of Ohio requires that,  in order to become a licensed real estate agent, one must complete a course of study, pass an exam, and be accepted by a real estate Broker as an upstanding citizen.  There are also requirements for the licensed agent to be further educated on a tri-annual basis in order to keep their license.  Any agent who only meets these minimum requirements should not be referring to themselves as professional.

Real Professionals Maximize Their Continuing Education

Every real estate agent that I work with must meet certain criteria before I begin to think of them as a professional.  Yes, I said think of them as such because there is no rule or law preventing anyone from claiming to be a professional in any endeavor, real

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There's Buying a Home, & There's Enjoying a Home Purchase

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a few to post about the home buying experience. I've been an Ohio Realtor for over three decades, and based in the Greater Miami Valley area or some of you might call it the Greater Dayton Metro Area, and have seen a lot when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Homes for Sale in Dayton, Ohio? Don't Stress, work with a Raaltor!I've had second time buyers come to me as referrals, buying their second home and their stomach is already tied up in knots, emotions running high, the occasional migraine over it, and endless anxiety about concerns. I ask and probe about their previous experience and real estate agent, and wow, just horrific. 

Buying a Home Shouldn't be Scary or Unpleasant!

Buyers and first time buyers have reason

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Household Mold, Mild, Moderate or Dangerous?

Ohio Real Estate Homes MoldOne of many concerns buyers have is mold. Many foreclosed and HUD properties that have suffered water damage, or banks doing absolutely silly things like not keeping the sump pump on causing extreme water damage in some seasons are an open invitation to severe mold problems. But too, sometimes a buyer sees a little mold and gets "overly concerned" though it may be the perfect home for that buyer's situation otherwise.

So, welcome to Mold 101. I'd like to share some basics about mold in relationship to buying a home, or, perhaps selling a home with mold issues. 

What Home Buyers Need to Know About Mold

  • Household Mold and Health Issues: 

All houses have some mold, and mold is typically not a problem

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"Green" and Happy Home Owners?

A recent survey finds that the majority of green homes are satisfied, love their homes and would even buy another green home in the future.

GuildQuality, a customer surveying company for residential real estate, recently published a report that 94% of home owners who purchased a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certified green home built within the past three years said they would recommend a green home to a friend, and 92 % stated they'd be "going green' again with any future home purchase. Home owners were most pleased regarding their significantly lower utility bills, energy efficiency and better insulation according to the survey.

What exactly is a "Green House"? 

The components and materials used to build

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According to a report just released by the Census Beaureau, permits being issued for new single family homes are still nowhere near where they were before the bubble burst.  I reviewed this entire report and compiled information from it and all of the annual reports back to 2004 in order to determine where we stand in the state of Ohio.  I really wanted to know just how low the permit numbers were because I have a theory about how this could be good news for the future of new home construction.

New Home Construction - Out with the Old

A little background about me - I was highly involved in single family residential construction for over 15 years which was followed by 4 years of representation of new home builders.  I am intimately aware of the good

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Only two days before the world's celebration of St. Valentine's Day and the Ohio Supreme Court showed no love to landlords.  In a unanimous ruling, the highest court in the state ruled that landlord's owe both tenants and their guests safe and sanitary conditions.  

The Case that Made the Case

The story goes that a teenage girl was visiting family friends at their apartment building.  The lights in the common area of the building were not working and had not been repaired after repeated requests.  This young girl tripped and fell headfirst through a large glass window.

The accident left her with life-threatening injuries of which she recovered but for some permanent scarring.  Her parents' tried to level a lawsuit against the landlord claiming that

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Real Estate Charity Strategy Tax Breaks?

Donating Real Estate to Charity for Tax Breaks.Sometimes an investor or owner is going to end up with a multi family or commercial property that they just can't sell for reasonable market price. Now, they can hang onto said property and rent or lease, enjoy some viable tax deductions and hopefully positive cash-flow. But what if you really need to unload the real estate in question?

Donating Undesirable Real Estate

An often used and popular strategy owners of such property is giving it to a charity in order to take a charity deduction on their taxes. The investor should understand, if the given property’s valuation for tax purposes is high enough, the property owner can come out way ahead in some cases, or at least land somewhere close to breaking even if

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Create a Peaceful Retreat That You and Prospective Buyers Will Love.

With Valentine's Day just passing you may be having thoughts of romance and serenity.  This might be prompting you to think about creating a relaxing, romantic setting in the bedroom.  Or perhaps you are going to be selling your house and you want prospective buyers to fall in love with the master bedroom . Or if you live here in Northeast Ohio where it's been colder than usual with blankets of snow everywhere; you might be thinking about a few little home decorating projects.

Show the Bedroom as a Sanctuary

ohio homes for sale, staging and lighting make a differenceThe bedroom is the one room in the house that should serve as a place to get away from the daily chaos. Most homeowners want their bedroom to be a peaceful retreat where they

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Metro Area Real Estate Markets Faring Best Overall

cleveland ohio real estateIn reviewing reports from the National Association of Realtors on real estate market health around the country, it would seem that the metro areas are faring the best over all with strong year  over year price growth in the fourth quarter NAR report of 2013, and bodes well indeed for 1st quarter of 2014. However, a companion metro area annual affordability report shows less favorable conditions, particularly in the West.

Where to buy / not buy in Ohio or other states?

Interestingly, you can follow a lot of relocation activity to these areas from states that continue to suffer economically with job availability and affordability of housing. Let's all hope interest rates and lending policies on credit

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There is a pamphlet called the "Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships" that is required to be given to every party, or potential party, in a real estate transaction in Ohio.  The following paragraph is from this pamphlet:

Representing the Sellers
Most sellers of real estate choose to list their home for sale with a real estate brokerage.  When they do so, they sign a listing agreement that authorizes the brokerage and the listing agent to represent their interests.  As the seller’s agent, the brokerage and listing agent must: follow the seller’s lawful instructions, be loyal to the seller, promote the seller’s best interests, disclose material facts to the seller maintain confidential information, act with reasonable skill and care and, account for any

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