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As I have mentioned before, a great list of professionals of whom you can refer your clients to is a must have for every real estate agent.  Today I would like to brag a bit about my "go-to" guy for lending.  His name is David Grunden and he is a mortgage agent for First Financial Bank.  Although not the only lender that I refer, David gives that extra effort that I haven't experienced with other lenders.

Fast, Cheap, and Good: Pick Two

It is a common conception in all business that every customer can get two of the big three.  Everybody wants to find the highest possible quality item or service, at the best price, in a timely manner.  Fast, cheap, and good: pick two is the basis for how just about everything is marketed.  McDonalds offers fast and

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Selling a Home? Hesitation Could Cost You.

Whatever area you reside, you may feel that spring is the ideal market time to feature your home. Your manicured lawn, trimmed shrubs and freshly painted front door will greet homebuyers, entice them to enter and buy. What about all your neighbors who are thinking your same thoughts? There may be two to three times the competition of comparable homes on the market in your very area. Why not think outside the box...clean, stage and get your property on the market now!

Waiting can cost you a lot more money...more homes on the market, can mean competitively lower pricing. If you are purchasing another home, prices may have increased beyond the current levels. You may lose money on the sale of your current home

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Septic Issues Creating Home Buyer and Seller Blues

It seems lately all of my transactions have a septic system issue. This creates some stinky situations! In a perfect world, every homeowner who has a  septic system would know where the tank is, have it cleaned on a regular basis and have the system inspected before listing the property for sale. Currently, two of the four counties I service regularly have a required Point of Sale Inspection on septic systems.

In Geauga and Trumbull counties, a septic system must pass inspection before a property can transfer to a new owner. What if an inspection cannot be performed due to snow cover, inclement weather or the house is vacant? Typically, the seller can escrow between one and one and a half times the

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Are Open Houses of any Real Benefit Anymore?

open houses seling a home, ohio homes and real estate.The debate about the effectiveness of open houses as a marketing tactic will undoubtedly go on, but there will be no Realtors Nationwide Open House Weekend this year. This event was pushed by brokerages in the past and the frenzy of activity ensued with agents trying to actively hold open houses for the public. The communications directors of state and local Realtor associations voted against moving forward with a national event in 2014 at the National Association of Realtors' annual meeting this past November.

"They just felt that the event had run its course," said NAR spokeswoman Sara Wiskerchen.

This large event, typically held in early Spring, offered Realtors a chance to connect with prospective

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Aging in place simply means being able to live in the home of your choice for as long as you are able. Sounds pretty simple right? There are many things to consider when trying to decide if you should stay or sell. With aging comes challenges. It might be harder to get upstairs to the bedroom. Doing our own laundry might no longer be an option since the washer and dryer are in the basement. Not only are there physical challenges but there are sometimes financial challenges as well. Property taxes, house insurance, maintenance and relying on others to do what once were easy tasks. I see more and more Baby Boomers and seniors facing these decisions.

Recently I was asked to provide a list of ranch style homes in the Ashtabula/Kingsville area, preferably

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2013 Finished With Big Numbers in Lima

I have finished my annual review of the sales numbers for real estate transactions that closed in 2013 in the Lima, Ohio area.  According to an analysis of information supplied by the West Central Association of Realtors, the number of closed transactions is up by 15% over 2012.  The average sales price also saw an increase of over 2.3% in the same period.  The increase in sales volume and sales price should have been enough, but no, the days on market average also dropped by almost 2 whole weeks!  What a year, Lima.

Another interesting item that I found in my review of the numbers was that the highest priced residential property sold in 2013 was over $100,000 more than the highest in 2012.  The cheapest property

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Got Junk? ...we have the solution.

What is Junk? Where do you find Junk? While traveling in China many years ago I came upon a little store front with a sign next to the door that said "We buy Junk and Sell antiques".

Cincinnati real estate and homes trash or treasuresIt is often stated that One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure. That is why Pete McCreary, Junk King Franchise owner in Cincinnati & Dayton is so successful. He and his crew know how to separate the Trash from the Treasure and they do their best to put as little of what they collect into the open garbage dumps.

Instead they will place their collected items with Goodwill, Salvation Army or the charity or your choice. More than 60% of what they collect gets recycled. Taking care of the world we live in is their highest priority. For

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Realtors and Smart Homes; Change is in the Wind.

Ohio homes and real estate get smart.All things change, and as we age, we face a constant barrage of new things to get used to. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and don't want to learn new technology. I just got used to my fancy new "smart remote" for my HD-3D-New-Fangled-Smart-TV. Personally, that was a real victory for me. Do you remember when cars started having key-less starts, then back up cameras with proximity warnings, and now you nearly need a class and certification to figure out using a radio.

Homes are changing. While a lot of trends have been affecting real estate, from lending policies and bank inventories to job and employment reports, one trend that many might not see coming that will have a profound impact over the years

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Are Mortgage Lending Policies Punishing Home Buyers?

Ohio Realty and Homes, MortgagesAn issue that affects not only buyers, but sellers as well; perhaps the reigns and requirements are too tight now. Having done some recent digging around on places like CNN, Bloomberg, and Innman News, I think it's safe to say the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction.  The experts that make contributions on these "big guys" seem to all agree.  A very weak jobs report smiting down long term rates has raised many an eyebrow and raised some concerns in the real estate industry.  I think I have to cast my lot with them being an active Ohio Realtor.

It's become all to common to receive a buyer or seller real estate lead, and roadblock after roadblock trying to get the average buyer

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Remembering MLK's Contributions to Fair Housing

Many are unaware, the life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. is closely linked to the National Association of Realtors. In the summer of 1966, he moved to Chicago and engaged in a series of marches, appealing to real estate practitioners in the city to end discriminatory housing practices. King's call for open housing led to the 1968 passage of the Fair Housing Act which we as Realtors are intimately familiar with and stand for, a keystone of what we do as Realtors. Many are also unaware that our modern real estate laws and practices are based on our young country's previous grief with good old King George. The King owned all the land, you merely borrowed it and if he wanted it back, he could

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