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Fannie and Freddie Give First Time Buyers 20 Days

There are many different types of ownership out there on Ohio's real estate market. Bank owned-REO-foreclosures, HUD homes, traditional sales, new construction all have some similarities, however, the way your Realtor places an offer or bid for you varies. Fannie and Freddie Mac, similar to HUD Homes have a period open only to owner occupants and then if no satisfactory offers come in, the bidding is opened to investors. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have now expanded to 20 days the window during which non-profits and home-buyers who plan to be owner-occupants can take a "First Look" and bid on foreclosed homes without competition from investors. The First Look window had previously been 15 days, except in

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Turtlecreek Township Opens Racino; Real Estate Impact?

Local government leaders say the opening last Thursday of the new racino is not expected to be a major draw alone for attracting new businesses. Rather, it's opening is more symptomatic of growing interest at the Ohio 63-Interstate 75 interchange, located halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton. Miami Valley Gaming & Raceway, the horse-track with 1,600 electronic slot machines, opened last Thursday off Ohio 63 in Turtlecreek Township, East of the highway intersection. The racino is more or less centered among Lebanon, Turtlecreek Township and Monroe. The 188,000 square foot Miami Valley Gaming Racino held a preview night for guests Thursday Dec. 5, 2013. 

"If you take a look a Cincinnati and its

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Ohio Wind Farms Have Grown Large in Just 3 Years

wind farms ohio real estate values

There are multiple wind farms located throughout the entire state of Ohio.  Our state has recently become the fastest growing wind harvest site in the United States.  One of the largest of these is the single location in Van Wert and Paulding Counties often referred to as the Northwest Ohio Wind Farm.  This single farm, called the Blue Creek Wind Farm, has built and operates 152 turbines.  The amount of electricity produced from each of these huge tri-propellered wonders is enough to operate 4700 homes per year.  If you have never been through Van Wert to see this immense farm it is something that I think everyone should experience.


Northwest Ohio Wind Farms - Wave of the Future or Future Problem

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The neighborhood of the property you are considering buying needs to be explored for safety, pride of ownership and a good fit for your lifestyle, or you may end up being miserable.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, the old adage “location, location, location” is so true!  The location of your home is just as important as the features it offers.  Some things to be on the lookout for in those areas follow.


It is your responsibility to learn about the safety of the neighborhood, which is basic to your enjoyment of your new home. As Realtors we get asked all types of concerned questions from buyers on a daily basis. For information on the safety of a neighborhood, there are many sources on line: crime statistics and sex offender web sites can

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Realtors Applaud DeMarco for Heeding Warnings

Leaving GSE loan limits as-is, is good for the national real estate market, and certainly good for Ohio real estate.  I'm glad that the NAR (the National Association of Realtors) is pro-active in not only protecting the rights of home owners, but also watchful and protective for current and future buyers. Considering the severe downturn of real estate markets across the U.S and Ohio in the last several years, modifying these limits would be a slippery slope with potentially huge, unwelcome consequences.

Ohio Real Estate MarketYou could even compare modifying these limits to the fiasco that sub-prime lending caused handing out loans like candy resulting in huge numbers of foreclosures when the economy took a dip. Washington

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Not all "Deals" are Good Deals

In the market to buy a home and you want to "save" some money by purchasing a "for sale by owner" home? I strongly suggest that you read this article before signing any purchase documents. 

Often times a "for sale by owner" seller will tell a potential buyer they can save them some money by not using a Realtor in the transaction. This can be a very dangerous proposition. A savvy Realtor has the knowledge and expertise to protect a buyer's best interests.  

As you are already aware, there are dishonest people in our society. How do you know if the home seller that has offered you a "good deal" is not one of them? If you were to have to go into a court room to defend yourself in a case, would you do so without having

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INX Expansion May Help Lebanon Ohio Real Estate Values

Representatives from INX International Ink Company, developer The Schueler Group of Companies, along with city and state officials, participated in a groundbreaking ceremony December 5th at the company's future 11 acre, 62,000-square-foot facility and $18 million manufacturing plant at the Lebanon Commerce Center business park site. The future INX plant will make ink for flexible packaging products and is the third largest producer of inks in North America with 15 facilities.

INX purchasing commercial real estate in Lebanon, Ohio is one example of movement and forward progress in various industries around Ohio. INX just as with Nationwide Realty Investors recently filing plans for a 78,000 sq. ft.

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Home Prices Increase at Greater Pace for Every Type of Home Except These

Lima Ohio Real EstateThere are some great neighborhoods in Lima, Ohio. Shawnee Hills, Indian Hills, Lost Creek, and more are all great places to live in the area. Country Club Hills has been a coveted neighborhood to live in on the East side of Lima since construction began here in the 1960's.  Unique in location in that it was intentionally built between raised levee reservoirs, it used to be the place to live suburban yet rural.  With the completion of I-75 and the expansion of businesses and population since the 1970's, Country Club Hills is now just suburban.  The builders were only semi-original in their design plans though and constructed a lot of 3 bedroom ranch homes on crawl spaces while

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Zillow's Four Big Predictions for Real Estate in 2014

Well now, we've all seen some major improvements in the overall health of the nationwide real estate market, and Zillow's predictions (for the most part) can be backed up here in Ohio if sales and price statistic trends on local Ohio MLS databases indicate what we can expect for the future. Based on projections for unemployment rates, population growth and the home values via the Zillow Home Value Forecast, Zillow predicts the following metros will have the hottest housing markets in 2014 (in order): Salt Lake City; Seattle; Austin, Texas; San Jose, Calif.; Miami; Raleigh, N.C.; Jacksonville, Fla.; San Diego; Portland, Ore.; and Boston. They obviously haven't noticed what's happening here in Ohio.

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Nationwide Realty Investors, Inc. Moving Forward

Columbus Ohio commercial real estateGrandview Heights  and Columbus real estate should enjoy continued stabilizing and a steady upward trend. This can be attributed to signs that the powers that be at companies like Nationwide Realty Investors, Inc. continue to develop and move forward. 

The company recently filed plans for a 78,000 sq. ft. office building, with a convenient 505 space parking garage for the next phase of popular Grandview Yard. In fact, this well-known Columbus Developer has filed applications for a total of three major projects in the area, and will attend a planning commission meeting with Grandview, December 2013. Additionally, The Grandview Heights Planning Commission also will consider final development plans for the

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