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First Time Buyers; Be Prepared!

I have worked with several first time buyers and some second time home buyers who were confused about the process of buying a home and needed help navigating through the home buying process. I have compiled a list of actions to help buyers prepare for a smooth journey leading to the purchase of their dream home. 

Check your credit worthiness. 

Request a copy of your credit report, examine it for any errors and fix any problems that you discover.  The free credit report does not tell you what your credit score is.  You can get a free copy of your credit score; the web site that offers your score is (just be sure to cancel after receiving your report).  The credit score is the basis a loan

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Having a Professional Services Plan is One of Life's Necessities

When my phone rang I answered it.  My phone showed that the incoming call was from a close family member so I had expectations of a casual conversation:

    "Hey man, what's up?"

Shock occurs when the mind shuts the body down due to an unexpected circumstance.  The voice on the other end of the line, "Tim, this is Sargeant Smith of the Sherrif's Department.  It is important that you meet me at 123 Main Street as soon as you can." 

Every human being is forced to deal with situations that are beyond their individual control.  I did get to Main Street.  I believe that I handled my personal situation very well, but as I look back on it I realize that I was completely at the mercy of the

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Looking for Outdoor Adventure in Lima, Ohio?

The Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District (JAMPD) is the area's premier provider and keeper of outdoor adventures in the Greater Lima Area.  They offer twelve locations, each with a unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, including: hiking, fishing, cycling, boating, camping, geocaching, disc golf, swimming, and more!

Tim Parker Lima Ohio RealtorThere are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors around here, and most of them are underutilized.  Maybe it is because of technology, or the ever-changing weather in Ohio, but the facilities offered by JAMPD are rarely hard to use.  The 12 mile Rotary Bike Path winds completely through the city of Lima.  Along the way you cross multiple custom bridges made just for the path,

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Price is Key to Quick Home Sales; House Value

When counseling your sellers on price always let them know of the dangers of overpricing! By pricing a home 10% over the Fair Market Value as little as 2% of prospective purchasers will look at it. At 5% over the Fair Market Value you will only attract 30% of the prospective purchasers. Pricing at Fair Market Value and you will attract 60% of the Prospective Purchasers. 5% below Fair Market Value and you attract 80% of Prospective buyers and at 10% below Fair Market Value and you attract 92% of the Prospective Purchasers! This is valuable information to help your Sellers.

When a property is priced correctly and  in good condition it will sell. It will sell faster and for close to the listing price

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Preserving Ethics in Real Estate Practice

In the world of real estate sales, and as an Ohio real estate professional, I'm often backed up against the wall with a problematic client, the kind of clients some Realtors will avoid and the kind that aren't handled correctly by some agents. Have you ever been in a situation where you know what the right thing to do is, but facing pressure from all sides to bend the rules a bit? I think we've all had that experience, have we not?

What would you do if you were asked to do the unethical?

In today's world, we increasingly seek the best deal, and many people exhibit less than laudible behavior at times in pursuit of such things. As professional Realtors, it's our job to ethically represent our clients, and

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First Time Buyers and Ohio Realtors Concerned; Appraisal Blues.

One of the largest concerns of Realtors is the appraisal. Apraisal have increasingly been an issue in the sales process and of major concern to Realtors.

If a sale occurs and there are not enough comparables to substantiate the sales price, then the agent should pull up all sales even if they are not in the MLS that would serve as comps and provide them to the appraiser at the time of the appraisal.

The agent should also ask the appraiser if they are from the area or are familiar with the area they are appraising.

Improving Communications Between Realtors and Appraisers, RSMedia


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Answering the Question "How Much is My Home Worth?"

How Much is My Home Worth; House ValueMy business partner and I buy and sell dozens of homes every year, in addition to helping other Ohio Realtors grow their business. One issue that arises time and again is the struggle over house value. Many factors come into play when determining a fair market value for a property, including the seller's emotional investment, the properties available in the area to conduct a comparative market analysis or "CMA", sometimes called a highest price analysis and the appraiser's knowledge of the area.

I'd like to start by addressing some common misconceptions, and then provide some good news and tips during the preparation stage to net more from the sale of your home.

House Value: Amenities and Features

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Buyers and Sellers Should Enjoy Easy Access to Their Realtor

It is amazing how many people who have recently tried to sell their homes come to me with the same complaint, "My real estate agent didn't return my calls."

This is unacceptable behavior according to those of us professionals who work very hard for our clients and to promote the profession as-a-whole.  There is rarely, if ever, an excuse for not returning a phone call, text, or e-mail.  Now this isn't to say that I have never "missed" one, because I have.  There are times that I get busy, receive and read a text, and then forget to return it, but once I realize the mistake, I make sure to apologize and immediately get back into the habit of a daily review of all of the incoming calls and

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300$ Million Expansion Impacts Ohio Real Estate.

In April 2013, GE Aviation announced plans to invest $200 million into operations located in its SW Ohio locations.  In October 2013, they announced a revised expenditure forecasting $300 million in investments instead. This represents a whopping $100 million increase over its previous plan. 

GE Jobs Ohio Real Estate & EconomyGE Aviation has plants and facilities located in Peebles, Evandale, West Chester Twp, Sharonville and Beavercreek employing 9100 workers. The majority of the jobs are highly skilled jobs providing excellent income for its employees and their families.

There are many businesses in the vicinity of the facilities that are thriving as a result of the presence of the GE Aviation operations.  The additional jobs count

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Cincinnati Ohio Real Estate; Cautiously Optimistic.

Cincinnati Ohio Real Estate MarketsAs a local professional Ohio Realtor that buys and sells from Dayton to Cincinnati, I can tell you one market of interest I always keep my eye on in recent years is Cincinnati. What a remarkable city, but yet, this challenged metro area still continues to struggle but does give indicators the area is moving forward with economy and real estate. While there are certain markets (Cincinnati suburbs) that are doing quite well, I would caution buyers to be careful where in the metro area they choose to buy.

Elections, politicians, derailed projects, new projects... let's throw in revenue from a new casino, but then subtract for the failed Cincinnati streetcar project that has cost Cincinnati residents

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