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     Built in 2002 with solid 6 x 8 Yellow Pine logs this 2400+sq. ft. ranch offers the perfect setting in a convenient location. As you enter the front door you notice the open floor plan of the main living area. High ceilings and logs across the peak will draw your eye to the 36 x 26  upper loft with balcony overlooking the beautiful stone fireplace that will add warmth and ambiance on cool days.  The interior walls are shaved for a flat surface allowing for easier cleaning and decorating. 

  The practical kitchen features a HUGE walk in pantry with shelves, cabinets and a counter space.  The eat in area of the kitchen offers natural views and French Doors leading to the covered patio.  The colored, polished concrete floors are a Frank Lloyd Wright 

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Today, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty gains two offices in Granville and New Albany, formerly under Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Integrity One, REALTORS. The merge is an anticipated step forward for the growth of the Columbus region – a step that showcases Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices as an emerging market leader in the area.

Patti Urbatis, owner of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Integrity One, REALTORS franchise, will continue to lead her real estate team based in the Granville office. Rob Matney, Regional Director of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty will oversee the additional offices.

“The presence and market together are one piece of the equation, but it allows agents to share

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See Through The Eyes Of Compassion 

ToleranceI recently had the honor to travel to beautiful Paris, France, my travel partner and I were lucky enough to miss the Parisian attacks by only a few weeks. Visiting La Ville Lumiere (The City of Light) only months after the devastating Charlie Hebdo shooting lent an air of sadness to the stunning destination. Terrorists leave us all reeling in the wake of their attacks, not only for the devastation left behind but the preposterous chance that any one of us could be a target at anytime, anywhere; for reasons the majority of the human race would consider incomprehensible. 

We live in a beautifully diverse nation, one where we welcome people from ALL corners of the world, religions, ethnicities and eccentricities. I

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Home Buying Blunders

home buyers that fail, home buying, home buying failuresHaving worked with many buyers, my business partner Marty Snyder (one of Ohio's top Realtors) have put together a list of "Home Buying Blunders" that's a must read for anyone considering buying a home for the first time.

First off I can tell you that half the battle and a lot of the blunders are in preparation or lack thereof:

Home Buying Failures

1. Credit - Putting off making sure your credit in good order is no doubt one item that for many takes the longest. This means paying bills on time, knowing how to manipulate your credit card history, taking care of erroneous information etc.

Fabulous Tips on Protecting and Building Your Credit

2. Debt - Getting a handle on debt naturally follows good credit practices. Many

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Fireplace Safety - Preparing for use

fireplace safety, home safety fireplaceIt won’t be long before we’re switching the thermostat from AC to heat and getting ready to stoke the fire. But before we break down the kindling and create that cozy setting, there are a few steps to take to ensure safety and efficiency.

While a source of warmth and cheer, improperly maintained fireplaces can be very dangerous for your home and family. 

Here in Ohio, a large percentage of homes have fireplaces, and working with buyers interested in these properties, it should never be neglected during initial home inspections. For homeowners that already have one, have all fireplaces and stoves (wood, gas, or pellet burning) professionally inspected and cleaned every year (no less than every other year).  The

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Home Buying: The Basics of Escrow

real estate escrow, home buying escrow, what is an escrowThe multitude of steps and terminology involved in buying a house can be overwhelming. While a good realtor will walk you through everything you need to know, it helps to have a firm understanding of some things before you get pre-approved and start making offers. Learn more about escrow below.

You may want to investigate more Buyer articles meant to save you time and money.

One key component involved in nearly every sale is the escrow, or impound account. This is an account set up by your mortgage lender to pay certain property-related expenses on your behalf (property taxes and homeowner’s insurance).

Many (mortgage) lenders require an escrow account, to insure that the property is not at risk. The fees can

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Home Buying Tips for Newlyweds

home buying, first time buyer, first time home buying

Often, one of the first major life steps that newlyweds must make as a couple is buying a first home together. An incredibly important step for anyone, this decision is often a first-time experience as well as choice with very expensive price tag!  A newly married couple would be well served to embrace caution before starting their climb on the property ladder, and to follow these 4 home-buying tips:


1. List Out Your Priorities : The consequences of buying the wrong home in the wrong location are much more far-reaching than almost any family purchase, so the first step towards buying a home as a new couple is to determine the “must have” features.  The most common and important priorities to consider are home

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TRID ChangesHow TRID Babies Are Progressing

Better late than never! After careful evaluation I decided to watch these TRID babies make their way into the first month of life and report on how they are actually faring on the journey to closing table. No surprise here but...it's  a mixed bag folks. As stressed in prior blogs, it is imperative to have a team of well-educated professionals on your side who truly understand the TRID changes and how to appropriately set everyone's expectations in order to avoid the dreaded 11th hour fallout. 

Cleverly Concoct Your Plan

When interviewing lenders (which you ARE doing...correct?!) be sure to ask pointed questions. Lindsey Akers of Prime Lending states, "any lender can quote fees, rates and basically take the

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Five Hot Exterior Home Improvements

gutter guardsSpring isn’t the only time to spruce up your house. This fall, take the opportunity to look around your exterior and make some improvements before you get cooped up inside for the winter. So what exterior improvements should be at the top of your honey-do list this fall? Here are our top 5!

  1. Get gutter protection

We’re not just listing this as number one because we’re the gutter protections experts. You really should check this off your list as early in the fall as possible so that you can enjoy the whole season clog-free.


If you want gutter protection perfection, our LeafFilter system is the product you need to be looking in to. LeafFilter it completely enclosed – no holes, no slits, no

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Realtor Tips: Using Testimonials and References

real estate testimonials, marty snyder references, marty snyder real estate agentI remember first starting out in real estate, working someone else's phones, trying to land a client whenever possible and doing all I could to gain experience. Having been a Realtor here in SW Ohio now since 2006 and coming up on a full decade of experience working Cincinnati to Dayton I think it's safe to say I've learned a few things about growing my business.

All agents can function either as a listing agent or a buyers' agent, but there are some differences. In either case, testimonials and references are key to ongoing success and an important part of marketing yourself.

Find a great collection of good articles on these subject below.

Building Your Personal Brand

Most sellers connect

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The housing market is always changing, and it's important for professionals to stay in tune with what's happening with local and national real estate markets. We're glad you're visiting our real estate blogs, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. We don't share your info with anyone, so feel free to comment or ask questions about housing market trends, local communities, national concerns or anything else you find.

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